The Wild Life

The Wild Life. I feel like we are living the wild life! 


Robinson Crusoe.

A novel by Daniel Defoe written in 1719. It is almost 300 years old. It is a classic novel.

Guess what?? I have never read it. 

It is about a man sailing from England and is shipwrecked with three animals. It is his story of adaptation of island life with no other humans around. He cultivates food, shelter, and his spirit. He learns to live a simple life. He learns about God. He learns to survive. Survival on this island is exactly what happened. I really cannot wait to read this book.


Yesterday we went as family to the local movie theater to see the Movie… The Wild Life. This is a movie about a man who is shipwrecked onto an island in the middle of nowhere. It is given through the eyes of the animals living on the island. A Macaw. A Tapir. A Goat. A Chameleon. A Bird. A Armadillo. A HedgeHog. A Bird. They are living happily on the island except Mac ( the main character) is not happy and knows there is life out there and wants to leave the island.

He then encounters Robinson Crusoe.

They become friends.


My Review…

The rest of the movie was really was dull and unimaginative. The plot was not engaging. It seemed to just drag on. At the end of the movie when we walked out, we were thankful it was over. I was sad that they couldn’t have made it more exciting. You know… they should have had a shark in the movie. Sharks make movies so much better!!!





This morning I did a simple art project with Jayd. We traced out her arm onto construction paper in a tree form an using her cubby cute little fingers to cut out the shape and we glued it onto her paper… then she drew a tree house  with watercolors and how to get up into the most imaginary places for children of all… the secret hideout.. aka the tree house.  I think this was a great project for her after seeing the movie. Even though the movie was uneventful…the tree house was probably the best part of the movie! Robinson creates a home amongst the trees.

In the movie, the treehouse does get destroyed. This picture will be hanging in our art gallery for the week.


Her art project included a rainbow, a sun, a staircase, a tire swing, and a ladder. It was pretty darn cute! I love how her mind is exploring, creating, and doing new things.

I also found this adorable font for Robinson Crusoe. It is found here.  I easily downloaded onto my phone in less than 1 minute. I love how that works!!




Enjoy your evening!