3595 Easter Mantle

3595 Easter Mantle

At 3595 we have a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt every year! This year will be our 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt. I am so excited! I have been decorating for Easter these last few weeks. I know St. Patrick’s Day is coming and I can’t wait to share with you what we do here at 3595 but that will be in another post coming soon, I promise!
I only had a few decorations for St. Patricks Day and I knew we would have our BIG party, so I have set myself to getting 3595 ready for Easter! 
Here is where I found all my items:
1. Easter Board from merchant Square (In Arizona) from booth 51! Love it!
2. Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny from Goodwill- NOT at Easter time. I found these one day wandering around and knew I had to get them. @thegoodwillgal
3. Jars are from Wal-Mart filled with Easter eggs that I got last year at Target on clearance after Easter. 
4. The subway art is from a blog that has been removed. I am sure that you can find some cute Easter subway art on pinterest. (Someday I want to make my own, and I will share my creations with you.)
Here comes my favorite part of the mantle the 
Cottontail DIY Easter Banner! 
As I was setting up my mantle I knew I NEEDED a Easter banner, and I researched and couldn’t find EXACTLY what I was looking for. I was going to use paper, but ended up not having any on hand. I had burlap in my craft stash that I had ordered from this Save on Crafts site. You can get burlap at any local craft store though.  Then this idea came to me, and I LOVE LOVE it!

Here is how I made mine:
Supplies Needed:
Silhouette of Bunny 
(I wanted my facing backwards so you could see the cottontail)
Cotton Balls
Hot Glue Gun
Jute Twine
Step 1: Print your image onto paper and cut it out. 
     Pin it to burlap and cut silhouette out.

Step 2: Hot glue cotton ball onto bunny 
(be very careful not to burn your fingers, and after gluing it, set it up backwards to let the glue dry.)

Step 3: Punch holes with a hole punch in the two ears. 
Lace burlap through holes. 
Step 4: Tie ribbon in between bunnies. 
You could use any ribbon, even Easter. I just used spring ribbon!

Thanks for hopping by!
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