My Weekly Menu April 15- April 19

My Weekly Menu April 15- April 19

As I was planning my meals for this new week, I went to my fridge and looked to see what I had left over from last week and decided I needed to plan my meals around those foods. Do you do that?? Usually… I come up with my meals in the afternoon as I am getting ready for dinner. I usually like to cook what I am in the mood for, but ever since I have made out this weekly menu it really has made my life easier. I know what I am going to cook, I have bought all the ingriendients for the week, I don’t have to come up with a meal at 4pm in the afternoon-which is a really hard time of day, and I am using food that normally would go to waste, or I am not buying too much food.
Do you make out a weekly menu?? If not, I suggest you try it at least for one week. Make a menu, go to the store, buy the ingredients preferably on Monday, make the planned meal, and then you will save time and money during the week, and will be easier for you.  I love it!

Monday: Chinese Chicken Coleslaw

Tuesday:  Shredded Beef Enchiladas (leftover shredded beef from the sliders last week)

Wednesday: Crockpot Pineapple Chicken (recipe coming soon)

Thursday: Chicken Fajita Sizzling Salad (my new recipe to try this week)

Friday: Pizza Quesadillas

And…. I hope to have a family over for dinner this next weekend. Kristen Duke over at Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke is having a Invite a Family over for Dinner Challenge.  I really wanted to do this challenge since we have had new neighbors move in and I haven’t really gotten to know them yet.

How about joining the challenge too?? 

Who would you invite over?? A new neighbor? A friend you haven’t seen in a long time?? A co-worker??  Whomever it is, I think this Challenge will inspire us to do something, to get our of little boxes!  This Challenge ends April 30. If you have concerns, read her post, it definitely gives some ideas on how to overcome them!

Photo courtesy of Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

I hope to share my experience on the blog once it has been completed. I would love to hear if you have accepted the Challenge and how it goes for you. Leave a comment on my blog if you do, so that I can follow your Dinner Challenge Story.

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2 thoughts on “My Weekly Menu April 15- April 19

  1. Her list of the reasons/excuses doesn’t have “a small dining table and only 4 chairs” :)) Doesn’t stop us though. We love having people over, even if we have to sit on the couch/floor in the living room to eat. We are thinking to invite a new neighbor over, a single guy. Seems like he needs friends, we just found out that my husband and him both majored in Geography, which is a pretty rare thing 🙂

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