Cookie Walk

My sister-in-law does a cookie walk with her friends every Sunday. They meet up at someones house and a designated time and the host of that house has cookies. Then they walk to another friends house and have more cookies. They usually go to three homes. How fun is that?? They eat, they visit, they walk, and they are outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather. They are on a Cookie Walk.
I love the idea and so I am going to try and incorporate that idea into my life!

Here are some tips on having your own Cookie Walk:

Cookie Walk

  • You can plan it monthly, bimonthly, or even weekly. Be consistent. Once you make a plan, stick with it for some time. Remind your friends often. 
  • Make assignments for at least 3 homes. 
  • The hostess of those 3 homes, can provide the cookies or can make assignments for others to bring. 
  • Do it outdoors- on the driveway, front lawn, etc. That way you won’t feel like you have to have a clean house.
  • Invite your friends, neighbors, etc. Make it fun!
What if I don’t live close to those friends??   You can drive, park down the street and walk to the home. 
What if I don’t like cookies, or am on a diet and can’t have them??    Just participate anyways! Get to know your friends and neighbors. 
What if no one wants to participate?? Make some cookies anyways and bring them to your friends and neighbors. Who doesn’t love a fresh batch of cookies!
Well… lets go on a blogland virtual cookie walk. 
Here are some of my favorite cookies!
from The Diary of DavesWife
The Mother Huddle
from The Recipe Girl 
from I Heart Nap Time
from Lolly Jane
from Inside BreCrew Life
from My Kitchen Addiction
from The Girl Who Ate Everything
from Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen
from Something Swanky
from Six Sisters Stuff
from Two Peas & Their Pod
from High Heels & Grills 
from The Picky Palate
from Me!!
OK… that ends our cookie walk! I sure enjoyed finding and pinning all these cookies recipes. Check out my Pinterest Cookie Board if you need more awesome ideas for your cookie walk!
That also ends Cookie Week on the blog. I sure hope you enjoyed it. I know I did!
Enjoy your weekend! Plan a cookie walk! 
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