Spray Painting for Beginners

Spray Painting for Beginners

Hello Friends… I was going to title this post spray painting for dummies, but I wanted to boost my self-confidence. Therefore… I named it Spray Painting for Beginners. Yes… I am a beginner! I have done a few spray painting projects but haven’t mastered it yet. In fact not even close. My paint is too thick, it drips, it never covers the entire project, and overall it doesn’t look professional.

What am I doing wrong??

As a beginner… here is the who, what, where, when, why, and how’s of spray painting. 

Who can spray paint?? 
Anybody can!! If I can do it… so can you, no joke. Even kids can. My girls and their cousins spray painted the grass for our big Easter Egg Hunt. Just don’t use it for illegal purposes, please.


What type of spray paint should I get??

After all the research that I come across you need a good spray paint. The cheap kind doesn’t last long, and isn’t good quality.
Here are some trusted brands:
1. Rust-Oleum®
2. Krylon®
3. Valspar®

I got mine from Home Depot.

Where and when should I spray paint?
You should spray paint in a well ventilated area. In a garage, outside, on your backyard patio, etc.  Use when temperature is between 50-90 degrees F. You should spray paint on a hot, dry, not windy, or dusty day. Trust me… from my own experience don’t spray paint on a windy day. It doesn’t work! I had to move inside to my garage to finish my project. Remember to cover your surroundings areas with tarps, old blankets, or a painters drop cloth. Cover anything and everything that you don’t want spray paint on, because this stuff goes everywhere!

Brooke from All Things Thrifty has an amazing post found here, that she describes what she knows about spray painting, and Jenna from s.a.s interiors has a great post here. These are great reads!!

How should I spray paint?
Tip 1: Start with a great surface.  Make sure it is clean and ready to go. Don’t just start spraying. I did this to one of my glass jars I found at Goodwill and I had left the sticker on, oops! If you are painting furniture you will want to sand it first, and then wipe with a damp cloth.
Tip 2: Prep your work area.
Tip 3: Prime everything first! Primer gives something for the paint to stick too.
Tip 4: Shake up that can! I am a very impatient person and wanted to just take off the lid and start spraying but you cannot do this. You need that mixing ball to get all the spray paint mixed up. Shake-shake- shake-and keep shaking during your entire project.

I have never heard of this but you could try this product.

Photo courtesy of Sassy Style Redesign.

Tip 5: Spray lights coats of paint at least 7-10 inches away. The trick to spray paint is use several light coats across your item in a back and forth motion. The trick to no drips is releasing the trigger at this point and letting it dry.  Two thin coats is better than one thick coat which causes it to drip!

Queen B and Me shows this video that you must see! It really is the right way to spray paint!

Why should I spray paint?
It cost effective, and it is fun!
Here are few links and examples of great spray painting projects:

I am in love with this bench from Tater Tots and Jello

I am in love with this chair from Sassy Style Redesign. You will want to read her tips here!

I am in love with this mailbox makeover from The Frugal Homemaker.

I am in love with these spray painted tissue paper pom-poms from The V Spot. 

I am in love with this project that I did as well!

Here are some more links that I found helpful: 

Diane from In my own Style shows us how to set up a spray booth here.

House of Hepworths shows us two ways to spray paint weird shaped objects, here.

Last but not least… how do I get spray paint off my skin??? Yes… you will get some on you!

This is the best kept secret I think. It really does work.! White House Black Shutters gives us an amazing tip here.

Well… I think that covers all the what, where’s, whens, whys and how’s of spray painting. I think I am better equipped to start a new spray painting project. I have really learned something from all of these amazing tips and sites. I think I can conquer my drips, my runs, and my unprofessional looks.
Wish me luck.

Now… what are you going to spray paint next??

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