Friday Font Love-Baby Shower Fonts

Friday Font Love-Baby Shower Fonts

I am throwing a baby shower for my dear friend tomorrow. I am so excited for her!!
She is having her first girl.

I remember my baby shower for my daughter Bo. I actually had two baby showers. I had one in Utah with my family. Then my boss down here in Arizona threw me a baby shower with all my co-workers. I really scored!
I remember what we ate. I remember what we played. I remember all the kind gifts that I received. It was a fun time! I got tons and tons of the cutest baby clothes. It is so fun opening gifts, eating yummy food and playing games. (That was a long time ago… but I still remember!)

I have been too many baby showers… but I have never hosted one.
I am truly excited!!
I hope it will be fun and enjoyable for my friend!

It is going to be a milk and cookies baby shower.

I have many things that I hope to share with you (soon) in preparing for this baby shower.

BUT FIRST…. I wanted to share with you some of the fonts that I have used for creating some cute printables.

Here are 5 free baby shower fonts:

1. Party is Chopin Script

2. Games is Champagne & Limousines

3. Food is Namesake

4. Diaper Cake is Austie Bost Small World

5. Invitations is The Only Exception

* I also used the font called Combustion BRK Wide Font for the word Baby Shower. I have used it for some of the baby shower printables. Love it!

I also got some inspiration from this site A Typical English Home. She has many adorable fonts as well!

As a mom of 4 girls… girls are the best!
Baby showers are fun… and I can’t wait to host it tomorrow!

Enjoy these free fonts… and remember they are for personal use only!
Happy Friday-

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