Our Hoppy Family

Our Hoppy Family

Our Hoppy Family!

I love my family. I have four girls. Yes… four girls. But you know what… they complete me. My life would not be the same without each one of those girls!

The other day { aka weeks ago }  I was at a friends house  and they have added onto this existing house. I walked thru it and was amazed at how it all came together. Of course… her husband is a contractor and so I can see why it got completed so soon.

In their backyard… sat a stack of wood. I wandered back to the pile and picked out some great wood. I even got a pallet. I have been wanting to tackle a pallet craft for some time. Soon.

This piece of wood was in the pile.

I choose to stick with my ever so popular bunnies.

Hence… Our Hoppy Family.

One Daddy Bunny.

One Mommy Bunny.

Four little girl bunnies.

Maybe… I should add something pink too it??

What would you add to it??

That is our family. I love my family. I love being a mommy bunny.

Want to make your own… here is the tutorial.

Our Hoppy Family

By Carrie Perrins

  • wood
  • navajo white spray paint
  • burlap
  • mod podge
  • cotton balls
  • hot glue gun/ glue
  • scissors
  • stark white craft paint
  • paint brushes
  • pins
  • jute twine
Take a piece of wood and spray paint it Navajo white. Let dry. 
While it is drying… cut out your burlap bunnies. 
I found my silhouette here. Print it out on computer paper. I just enlarged it on my computer and then shrunk it down to a 4×6 for the little bunnies. Cut out with scissors. 
Pin it to burlap and cut out. 
Once all your bunnies are cut out… mod podge them to your board. Let dry. 
Then hot glue the cotton balls on as the tails. 
For the saying… Our Hoppy Family. I used my cricut and cut out the saying. As you can see… if you look really close and are a perfectionist… this is not lined up straight. I did what I could.
You could use vinyl. I wanted the painted look. 
I took the saying and put it on my board… like a stencil and painted it stark white. 
Let dry. 
Wrap jute twine around the end of the board. 
Hang. Set somewhere. Display. 
I really love how it turned out! 
I am loving these style of bunnies. 
Hoppy Easter!
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