5 Great Free Thin Fonts

5 Great Free Thin Fonts



Change is good!

My daughter and I had a play date with a good friend and her two year old this week. I didn’t really know what to do for our play date. {you see I am trying really hard to be a better parent and actually try and do things with my children.} Saying it and doing it are two different things.

Play dates don’t usually happen here at our house. I am not sure why… but I decided I wanted to change. I called up a friend and invited her over. At first it was awkward… but then by the time she left I had opened up and we talked. It was great! The girls had a little snack …  they played … we did this really cool simple craft … and then they played some more. As they left for home… I thought to myself… this was a great play date. Here is the simple craft we did. It was a paper towel art project. Here are my thoughts and review on this craft:

  1. They didn’t say what kind of markers to use. I tried fabric markers… didn’t work. Regular old washable markers did the trick. NO on the watercolor actual paint.
  2. They didn’t  say how much water to spray on. I found it was easier to spray both sides with a lot of water and then it looks more like a watercolor painting.  Just a little bit of water and it doesn’t “bleed” as much. Also… I let it sit for some time and then sprayed it again. Just see what you prefer. What is great… if you mess up it is really easy to just do it over again.
  3. The kids loved it. It was super simple.

I don’t have any pictures with my little one … except the one that I have used for this 5 Great Free Thin Fonts. As you can see… you have limitless possibilities with this simple craft.

Now… I also wanted to change and add some thin fonts to my font folder. I didn’t really have any.  I am not willing to pay for fonts yet… so here are the 5 Great free thin fonts.

1. Bird Cherry

2. Thin Skinned 

3. Print Clearly

4.  Alexandria 

5.  Nixie One


As you know sometimes it is hard to change… but change is good. It gets us out of our comfort zones.

What is something you have changed or want to change??

Happy Friday Friends-


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