Funfetti Mason Jar Gift Idea

mason jar gift idea

Funfetti  Mason Jar Gift Idea


I love to browse blogs! There my secret is out. One of the huge reasons I started this blog… was because all bloggers inspire me. I love looking through their recipes, crafts, projects, etc. They are amazing women making a name for themselves. It takes time, talent, and inspiration. Hats off to all bloggers!

Anyways … the other day I came across this post… here.

I fell in love with it! I love her idea of funfetti week. I followed along every day. I was waiting or her next post. I loved it!

Well… on that note, my friend was having a birthday. I wanted to create something for her. { I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this.} I HOPE all my friends don’t think I create something for my blog and give it to them. IT IS the total opposite. I create with THEM in mind. I am thinking of them the entire time I create or make their gift.

mason jar gift idea

So… I whipped up this Funfetti Mason Jar Gift Idea.  I love how it turned out!


Totally  **INSPIRED** by The Domestic Rebel.


mason jar gift idea

mason jar gift idea

Here is how I made it:

I went and printed off the recipe from her site called… The Domestic Rebel Funfetti Gooey S’mores Bars onto some cute paper.  I trimmed it down a little bit with a paper cutter. Tied it with some tulle.

Then I added all the dry ingredients into a mason Jar. They fit perfectly.  I traced the mason jar lid on the the same cute paper. I then wrote on the same cute paper JUST ADD WET INGREDIENTS. I tied some jute and tulle around the lid.

I bought at the store a package of birthday oreo’s and some marshmallow creme.  I decorated a white gift bag with some ink using some lettered stamps.

That’s it! I put them all into a bag and viola a very adorable birthday present. A recipe. A jar full of FUNFETTI yumminess. Birthday Oreos. I added a little note that says…Hope you have a sweet birthday.

Funfetti Mason Jar Gift Idea

I love inexpensive gift ideas. This one tops the charts for me. Truly I love it!


mason jar gift idea

I even added the mason jar as my front wallpaper on my iPhone.

You can too… just right click on any above image. Save it to your computer. Once saved… pull up the file. Send it to your phone as a message. Once on your phone save it into your camera and then crop it into a square and viola a new iPhone wallpaper.

Have a blessed… sweet… happy day!


mason jar gift idea

mason jar gift idea

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