Heart Canvas

Heart Canvas

heart canvas


I was playing Texas Hold’Em with my husband and two girls on our holiday yesterday. I had a Ace of diamonds and the 2 of hearts. I put in a small bet as I knew I had a pretty good hand. On the flop… three hearts! It was crazy. Then the next two cards were hearts! I had a flush… but my daughter beat me with a higher flush. She had all hearts in her hand. I lost… but we sure do have fun playing cards together. Yes… we play poker with our girls to teach them how to hold a poker face and how to use math in everyday life. lol.

heart canvas


Last Valentines Day I went to a friend’s house and she had displayed this cute heart canvas made out of fabric. She followed this tutorial..here.

I decided that I really liked it and made a mental note to make it someday. My someday came, but… mine is not made from fabric as I usually don’t have the stuff on hand.

I made mine out of scrapbook paper.

heart canvas

I am not a scrapbooker. I do like to journal, but I never got carried away into the scrapbook world. However, I was at Joann’s last week and this bundle of paper was on sale. I couldn’t resist. I knew I could use it and make adorable stuff with it.

heart canvas

I am glad I bought it because this heart canvas turned out “adorbs” as my little ones are always saying.

heart canvasHere is the tutorial…


8×10 canvas

scrapbook paper

heart shape cookie cutter



mod podge

disposable paint brush

mod lodge clear acrylic sealer


Using a pencil, trace the heart shape onto the back of your scrapbook paper. Cut it out with the scissors. Cut 12 heart shapes out of different patterns. On the front of the canvas, mod podge the entire front of it. Then place your hearts down where you would like them in a 3 row pattern. You don’t have to push to hard, but make sure they are flat as possible and glued to the canvas.  Wait a few minutes, and then mod podge the entire canvas. Let dry. Spray with Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer. Let dry.  Hang.


Yes… I love it!

It was a simple craft and adds love to my home.

Hope you get a great poker hand ( flush)  filled with hearts!


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