The New Me

The New Me

the new me

I was privileged to step behind the camera of Let Me See You Sparkle and get some new pictures of me! Chrissy is very talented! I am in awe of  her photography magic! I have been following her work for some time, and I knew when I was complete with my weight loss journey…  I would have her take my photos! They turned out perfect! You must go and check out her work!!

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I am very happy with the results of my weight loss journey! I have lost 40 lb.!!! What else is amazing, is that I lost 46.9 percent of my body fat! I did it through a program with Prolean Wellness. This is a detailed nutritional plan set up just for you!

My story:

I had a baby three years ago. My body had adjusted afterwards but it held onto the weight. I was unhappy, and nothing I tried worked. I was at my breaking point. I remember laying down in bed talking with my husband telling him how I felt, how I needed to do something different. I needed to change, but I didn’t know how or where. {then my husband mentioned Jeff Dana at Prolean Wellness.} He explained the process and said,” I think this process really works!” He himself, lost had lost over 110 lb. We researched a little bit more and then I decided to make the appointment and meet with Jeff Dana.

I also struggled with very heavy periods.  Back in March I had a hysterectomy. After my six weeks recovery period of healing I knew I was ready for the next step. I signed myself up for a “diet”. On April 22 2015, I weighed in for the first time at 167.1. Yikes! I thought to myself, HOW could I let myself get so overweight? I know why, I love food! I love to eat. I love to blog… which means I have to try it right?? I remember just being so out of control.

Here is my before picture… taken in March 2015.



Version 2


Here is my after… August 2015.

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Anyways… back to the story…

I sat and met with Jeff and we went over the program. Then I signed the papers! I remember thinking to myself, my goal is to lose 30 lb. I want to be happier. I want to be in control.  Can I really do this??

I took a look at the IDXA scan. It didn’t look very good. I  met with a doctor and a nutritionist, and with the scan in hand, they recommended what my body actually needed. We started the journey that day!

The first 6 weeks is basically no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, and to drink ½ your body weight in ounces… daily. I thought I was fine because I only drink water… but ½ your body weight, that is a lot of water! You eat once every three to four hours. You take daily supplements and you get to choose the “approved” foods to eat.  The approved foods are the certain amount of protein and vegetables.

I remember sitting across from the Nutritionist and saying, I have to eat that?? But I don’t like that!! I’ve never eaten that in my life.

Was I really going to make it??

I started eating those foods… because  that was all there was to eat. At first…that was my reasoning. Then I grew to love  those foods! { My new favorite is Shrimp!}  My body was telling me what it needed. It was telling me that the healthy foods were increasing my metabolism. Yea! I was losing weight!

Over the 12 week course, you reintroduce certain foods back into your diet to see how you body adjusts. I was still losing weight! {Insert quick story… we traveled a lot this summer. It is typically easier to eat out, or eat something that is convenient, but I stayed true to the plan. I ate only the allotted foods on the program! I remember the milestones that I reached and the good feeling I felt!! Before we traveled to the DR… and after losing about 20 lb. I had to buy new clothes. While in the DR for a month, I lost another 20 lb. My clothes didn’t fit by the time we came home. In the DR… I was just in my suit on the beach…. which didn’t really fit either.}

My biggest accomplishment was going on an Alaskan Cruise and not having one dessert! I mean who does that? Isn’t that why you go on a cruise… to eat? My family was taking the cruise and I stayed true to my goals and wishes. It actually wasn’t hard at that time… I just told myself I changed. I couldn’t eat that way anymore.

After the 12 weeks were up I weighed in at 126.4.!!!!! That was more than I thought was possible! I went from a size 16 to a size 6!

But honestly… seeing the changes over the 12 weeks was simply amazing… I had changed on the inside and out. I had changed my eating habits… my lifestyle. I retook the scan  to see the difference… WOW! I was in tears!

I never thought I would look like this or feel like this again! I hope to stay true to this new lifestyle change and never have to go back to that empty sad overweight place that I was in…. again!

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I can honestly say that the program… worked!

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The results are immeasurable!

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headshot collage

Thank you prolean wellness… for changing my life!

Thank you… Chrissy- Let Me See Your Sparkle for capturing the new me!

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3 thoughts on “The New Me

  1. Carrie!! That is just amazing. I know how awesome it feels to lose weight! I lost 25lbs prior to our trip to Hawaii last summer….but unfortunately I went a little crazy with Thanksgiving pie, chocolate, etc and over several months I ended up gaining most of it back. I definitely regret that! But anyway – I’m so inspired by you; thanks for sharing your journey!! I’m going to go hop on the elliptical right now 🙂

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