The Weekend

The Weekend

This past weekend started off by getting a call that my friend needed dinner. She just had a baby. I said I would love to help!! I was happy for her and her little new addition.

Earlier in the week I had made this Sweet Potato Kale Soup recipe  and loved it and  figured it would be good to take to her family as well. I made her soup, rolls, a fruit salad, and then I always like to buy ice-cream for dessert. Simple and Easy.

The first week of having a baby is sooooo very hard. Some women jump right back into life, but for me the first week is very miserable. Being blessed to have friends help out in any way is truly a miracle. When I had my children, my family and friends really helped make it so much easier, by taking the older children,  and bringing dinner and meals into my family. That alone is such a life saver with a  new baby. Getting rest and not having to worry about those items is truly important. I am glad I could help out my friend. sweet-19

My little Jane is turned eight today!!! We have been celebrating her all weekend!

the weekend


The one and only thing she wanted was a play date with her bestie from school. On Friday,  I arranged to have her over and let them play for a couple of hours. She was in heaven. If you know something about me… I rarely have play dates. I don’t know what it is that I don’t personally like about them, but I just don’t let kids come over that often. I try hard to keep my kids active doing things, but play dates aren’t my thing.

Anyways, this was one of the things she really wanted for her birthday so I  happily made it happen.


Friday Night… we attended a wedding reception of a family member. Then we went out to dinner with my brother and his wife to Joe’s. It was late, and we couldn’t decide on dinner. We decided to try the night life in Gilbert, but we were already starving and we didn’t want to wait an additional 45 minutes for dinner. Joe’s had no line {which is unusual}, and so we had a good ole time eating BBQ!

Last weekend I was told by my niece that I needed to watch this PBS series called Poldark. I downloaded it from Amazon Instant Prime. I watched the first episode and so far I am hooked!!!

I was going to watch the second episode but I was too tired. I am trying really hard to force myself to stay up later at night, but sometimes I just can’t keep myself awake. This was one of those nights.

Saturday Morning I slept in and then it was to be a day of errands and not projects. I had to go and get some more fish oil from the local Hi-Health Store. Since my “diet” with prolean wellness  they suggested I take fish oil because of the benefits. Fish Oil fights many diseases. I have been taking them and I ran out. I really don’t like the after taste of the burp of the fish oil, but I believe it truly helps me be healthy.

As I was getting my fish oil I decided to look around the small little shopping center I was in and found an amazing little boutique called My Front Porch.


{image via Facebook}

Have you heard of them??


It was a darling little boutique. I spent a good amount of time looking around. With the owner’s permission I took some pictures of the unique all handmade items. {with my iPhone}




With the different holidays coming…. I was getting excited.

I mean how cute are those necklaces??


You can believe I bought one for myself!

And this jar will make its appearance on my Halloween Entryway Table this year!


Have you tried wired headbands??

Me neither… I bought a few to try out!


After my little trip to the boutique I came home and took my girls to the library. My daughter said she didn’t like this particular library but I thought it was pretty cool. They have expanded their children’s section and it looks really nice.

As you walk into the library… check out this owl. Its made of recycle-able grocery bags.


Ever since I have seen it, I’ve been itching to re-create it with my little one.


 After our little jaunt to the library… which by-the-way we decided not to get any books, we are going to try a different library for different books sometime soon, we came home and I let the girls watch a movie for Jane’s birthday.

They didn’t have to earn this tv time. I just wanted Jane to enjoy her birthday weekend. I’ve been told by many people that the new Disney movie… Descendants was good.

Have you seen it?

I let  my girls watch it and they loved it!

I saw bits and pieces of it, while working on my computer for that time but overall it seemed like a very cute movie.


{image via internet}

I ran to Wal-Mart get a couple of gifts for Jane’s birthday, yes I know soooo last minute. She wanted a skateboard and some Digi Birds….

I guess they are birds that sing.


{image via walmart}

Yes… she got spoiled this weekend.

We  also celebrated her birthday by going to a Diamondbacks Game Saturday Night.

I was really disappointed because as I was taking pictures on my fancy camera and my card read full. What??

I couldn’t take any photos!

Good thing I still had my iPhone.

Oh well… the pictures didn’t turn out as planned… but she had a blast.



After the game and drive home in the rain… I put her to bed and then I made sure everything was ready for  Sunday! I had to run to the grocery store for butter for the cake, and new flowers for the kitchen. After I got home from the store… I wrapped all of her presents in these adorable colors! I went to bed so full of joy! {I can’t express how much this weekend has meant to me.}





{ INSERT} I repurposed this Large 8 from Savers. I love how it turned out! It hung right on our wall to celebrate her eighth birthday!


the weekend

the weekend

the weekend

the weekend

She woke up first thing  today {Sunday} and she opened a few presents. She was so excited for her birthday!


Shopkin’s made an appearance for the first time in our house. Your kiddos into shopkins?? I found these at Justice. They are the new ones. Not sure what that means… but she loved playing with them all day. After church we had dinner which she requested…Au Jus Sandwiches and Red Jell-O.I know weird combination, but its her day.

I got to then decorating her cake. I had envisioned in my mind how it would look.  I am so happy with how it turned out!

the weekend

the weekend




This was a boxed French Vanilla Cake. After it was baked in two round cake pans I sliced it into four layers and topped it with this amazing strawberry creme instant pudding and pie filling in between all the layers. I then frosted it with homemade buttercream frosting with a touch of almond extract. I was so very happy because usually my frosting doesn’t turn out… but this time it did!


Here she is making a wish…

My wish to you dear sweet Jane is to stay full of hope and happiness and sweetness.

We love you so much!

the weekend

The weekend was fun, full of events, and most importantly full of love celebrating Jane’s 8th Birthday!

Have a great week!

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