Free New Fall Fonts

Free New Fall Fonts

fall fonts


With September upon us and the approach of the change of the seasons… I can’t help be in love with the colors and the leaves of this season. I have spent much time the last few days looking at fall pictures. I miss the fall! It is my favorite all-time season. Here in Arizona… we don’t have much of a fall, at least here in Phoenix. We have to drive north or at least a couple of hours away to see the fall leaves change color. I wish it happened right here in the valley… but it does not. Am I mistaken?

I grew up in Utah where in Provo Canyon the trees would change to beautiful colors. However, I have never been back east. I hear that the colors are unreal.



{image via capturing joy}

I mean how beautiful is that??

I decided I wanted to make my own fall happen. My three-year old daughter and I did some pencil art. We made some trees by stamping the eraser end into paint and then adding the trunk and some reflection paint at the bottom of the page. {the pencil is hard to see on this photo}

It was a fun activity and we have them hanging on the side of our fridge. Yea… for preschool crafts!


Here is Jayd’s. I am really enjoying this preschool craft/art time with my daughter!


After our little craft session, I spent some more time looking at photos of fall. I then spent a little bit more time on learning how to add a watercolor touch to my art in Photoshop. It was fun to learn what I can add to my photos! I am still new to this Photoshop experience, but it truly is amazing!

What is your favorite part about fall??

I might just have to drive somewhere this fall to see the changing of the colors.


Here are 7 free new fall fonts for you…. hope they inspire some creativity inside of you!

7 Free New Fall Fonts

By Carrie Perrins

  1. autumn blessings is Camden Market Script
  2. pumpkins is wheatland.
  3. follow me through a corn maze is canela bark. 
  4. harvest is tempest
  5. happy fall y’all is let her go.
  6. candy corn is fine collage.
  7. pumpkin patch is playfair display.

*these fonts are all for personal use only.

Happy Friday  Y’all!


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