Be Kind Free Printable

Be Kind Free Printable

Be Kind Free Printable

be kind

Happy Friday Friends!

This past week I have been focusing on this principle with my girls… Be Kind.


They seem to get at each others throat quite often these days… and I am having to emphasize that they need to be kind. So.. I have issued them a kindness challenge. They wrote it down on a piece of paper and it is their goal to do something kind for someone this week.

It is now Friday and I need to follow-up with them to see how the challenge went. I am hoping that they noticed a difference. As a mom… I am hoping… Pleasseee Pleaassse …Be kind to each other.

be kind

And since it is Friday  (I usually in the past wink-wink) have a Friday Font Love for you… and it is your lucky day… I have such a cute free printable for you.

be kind

be kind

Here is your free printable…

be kind


To download just right-click on the photo above and save to your computer. Print and display. 

Be Kind Free Printable


be kind

 Here are the 5 free fonts for you…

5 Free Fonts

By Carrie Perrins

  1. thoughts of her.
  2. chipotle.
  3. Heavitas.
  4.  Photographs.
  5. Autumn Chant.

I am so loving these new fonts… and really can’t wait to use them often… especially the Heavitas and Photographs font.

And… do you know that I LOVE that you can download these fonts onto your iPhone. I am loving that!

Here is a quick tutorial… if you don’t know already!

How to download a font to your iPhone through Phonto:

  1. Download the Phonto app.
  2. Go to your browser and type in Dafont or any other free font site.
  3. Push the download button and a screen should pop up that says open in… or open in Phonto. Click on the Open in Phonto Button.
  4. Once in Phonto go to fonts and under my fonts you should see the downloaded new font.
  5. Thats it… you did it.


Phonto is by far my favorite app. You can do so much in that app. It is not just a text app.. but you can adjust your size of photo’s, create photo’s, and so much more.

YES… I LOVe this App!

STEP 1: Get the app



Get your free font from which font space site you desire.


be kind

STEP 3: Once onto their site simply choose a favorite font and push the download button in the right top corner.

STEP 4: Open the file in Phonto.



STEP 5: It should automatically take you into their site and have the font in your font folder. 


STEP 6: Create whatever your heart desires… with the new amazing free font. Simply add the text and save the image.

Six simple steps that are FREE! I love several other sites that have such great combinations… but usually they are not free… this is something that I could choose whatever font I LOVE and have it right on my phone!


be kind

Be kind Friends…

and feel free to share this…

Be Kind Free Printable.

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