A Swimsuit and A Underwater Camera

A Swimsuit and A Underwater Camera

What I am packing for my Princess Cruise… a swimsuit and a underwater camera. I hope to capture the beauty of sea and what it is under it, with a comfortable swimsuit and a Fuji FinePix XP80. 


This up and coming Sunday most people will be sitting down some to delicious food like wings and chips to watch the Superbowl.

Me.. I will be flying to Los Angeles to board the cruise ship… Ruby Princess.

I have been on several… several cruise ships before… but I have never been on Princess Cruise Lines and I am excited to try her out.

fuji camera

I am excited because this is my first girls cruise.

Have you ever gone on a all-girls cruise before??

If so what was your favorite part??

For me the last few cruises have been the places.

However.. I hate to bring along my big camera. It is too heavy to carry around and so the last few cruises I have left it home.  For me this a big disappointment… I want to capture some amazing photos!


On several cruises our good friends have been carrying around this Fuji Film FinePix XP80.

They have captured some amazing pictures underwater and of our shore excursions. They have taken it snorkeling and ziplining. They have some greats shots of seeing our first sea turtle. ( sorry they no real pictures to show you)

Anyways… I  purchased this camera for my cruise. I really can’t wait to use it!

This FujiFilm FinePix XP80 truly is an ahmazing product.


  1. It is waterproof up to 50 feet.
  2. It has a float strap so if you drop it, it will float.
  3. It is shockproof, freezeproof, and dustproof.
  4.  It has one-touch image transfer and remote shooting with WiFi.
  5. It has many settings and filters for capturing ahmazing photos.


I really cant wait to capture my trip with this camera… as I won’t have to worry about my “big” camera. It comes with a carrying case and a strap. It is light and can fit into a small purse.



I have downloaded the app to have my pictures go directly onto my iPhone with Wifi access. I am looking forward to sharing the pictures right away… instead of having to download them when I get back from my vacation. This camera has movie capabilities as well. I hope to shoot some videos.

I also look forward to playing with some underwater settings…. like adding a blue or red filter. This is something my husband (who is a certified scuba diver)  said will be a life changing photo experience.

I am almost packed and it was pretty simple to do… a few outfits… but mostly swim suits and my camera.  I had to order and pack me some of these great fitting modest swim suits.


I have played around on the camera most of the morning getting it all ready to go… ready for it to capture some pure magical girl time!



Now… I bought mine at Sam’s Club, but I know you can get them other places as I have mentioned earlier.

SO…. what will you be capturing on your next cruise??

Me:  EVerythING… in … A swimsuit and A Underwater Camera.

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