My Six Pictures

My Six Pictures


As you can tell.. I don’t blog as often as I would like. Yes.. I know life is busy, but I still love my blog and want to share my life with you. I have been thinking about this and decided to “keep it simple.”

I choose to just share 6 photos with you each day that would make me happy. It may make no sense to you, but I hope that you can get a glimpse into what really matters to me.

And so it begins…

My house was decorated for Easter but this jar was empty. My daughter Bree brought these pinwheels home from school and they added the perfect touch to my decor. Thanks Bree for thinking of me!


Having my family over for Easter was a fun and blessed day. Flowers to have sitting on my countertop brought beauty and happiness.


These cookies were made entirely by my 10 year old daughter, I mean I was in the kitchen but I was doing something else… and she got out all the ingredients, made the cookies, and baked them. YEA!! I want my girls to be homemakers! It is a great trait to have someday… I mean they need to be good wives, and whose husband does not like homemade cookies.


That is why they may look a little “bumpy”.  I made all my girls roll out about 6 cookies each and they choose which cookie they wanted, rolled out the dough, and made them. I helped them bake them. I had to somewhat force my thirteen year old out of her room and into the kitchen, but she did it. I hope she will someday thank me.


Sugar cookies are my favorite… this is the recipe that I used.

This picture was taken by my thirteen year old. For some odd reason.. in all of her photos she turns them sideways.


I made her take a “normal” one.




I was planning our Easter over this past week and I saw this adorable free printable from Ella Claire. I wanted to print it and had it on my “to-do” list. The very next day… my daughter Jane had colored this entire poster of pin the tail with cotton balls as the tail.

Needless to say.. we choose to hang this on our wall outside as we played and ate our Easter dinner. When my girls seem to bless my life and “help” me create the ideas and visions of how I want certain events… it is a true blessing. It develops their creativity as well. I love it!


I truly had a beautiful Easter weekend.

I hope that this simplicity… My Six Pictures… will be something that will keep my photography skills on the rise, my life in balance, and my dreams to blog a reality.

Have a great week!


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