Space Coast Lightfest 2016

Space Coast Lightfest 2016

Space Coast Lightfest 2016… worth the drive!

Tonight we went on a Sunday Afternoon Drive… in the evening. We drove around Wickham Park during the Space Coast light Festival. It was really neat! Usually.… I don’t like to drive around and look at Christmas Lights but this really was a great event! The girls loved it. This one was my favorite!


I even let them stop and see Santa. I can’t remember the last time I did this. Honestly.. I rarely take them to the mall to see Santa. They sat on his lap and did not know what to ask for! They made their lists like a week ago with the Black Friday shopping… and they get on his lap and they can’t think of anything… except Bo who has a very long list.


My girls. 
santa-89  santa-86  santa-85  santa-84

Bree was asked what she wanted and she said… ummm… and Santa said he had didn’t have any ummm left. They were all gone!

santa-82  santa-81


Jane had a real problem sitting on Santa’s lap. I think she was a little embarrassed! 



My favorite Santa picture of the night! 
santa-76  santa-75  santa-74

Oh then… baby Jayd. She was just precious and so excited to see Santa.

santa-71  santa-70  santa-69  santa-68 Santa are you real? She just pulled on his white beard. It was super cute!

The lights were wondrous and truly incredible!







santa-25  santa-26  santa-27 
santa-34  santa-46  santa-55  santa-56  santa-58  santa-59  santa-61  santa-64

Happy Christmas!

Go and see the Space Coast Lightfest 2016…you will not be disappointed!



and the reason we celebrate Christmas… because of the Christ child. He is the reason for the Season!


May the spirit of Christmas fill you heart!

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