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Nursery Rhythms

Nursery Rhythms


(not a nursery rhythm)

Yesterday… I posted on Instagram an amazing book called, “The Spider and the Fly” by Toni DiTerlizzi. We have been studying spiders in our homeschooling since Halloween is coming up… we read this story and then we did some crafting. This book was a great because of the illustrations.. oh my goodness! They are gorgeous. If you get this book…. please read the letter from the Spider at the end of the story. It is hilarious! tiniestpumpkin-23




We love this book!

“I always get my bug.”

After reading this book to Jayd I did some research on what to teach in homeschooling. As you can see I highly stress a reading curriculum. I love to read. I want to instill that into my children. The more you read the more you know!

I came across this blog…

She is a homeschool guru and gives much good information. I started listening to her podcasts and they are amazing! She is really giving me a clear understanding in how I would love to run my homeschooling.  One thing she shares is, The Morning Basket. It is time set aside as a family to memorize, teach, uplift, learn, and grow. What you teach totally depends on your situation. I highly recommend starting with #1 and listening to them. I can’t wait to listen too more.

As I was running last night I listened to #2. I loved it! I am going to re-listen to it again tonight! And write down the things that I really want to incorporate into my homeschooling. This was my view as I was running and listening… not to bad… not too bad at all!


Okay so… the other day we were playing Family Trivial Pursuit and there was a question about a nursery rhythm. I did not know it. Sing a song of six-pence. I had to look it up to read it for the first time. 


I decided to look up the Mother Goose Nursery Rhythms. I found this link in my research.

In Jayd’s homeschooling I have now decided to make sure she knows all of the Nursery Rhythms. The first one we have started with Itsy Bitsy Spider. We have started to sing the song. We found this adorable book by Keith Chapman, Itsy Bitsy Spider.

It’s a book about how the Itsy Bitsy spider is blown out the window and from animal to animal. itsybitsy

This book reinforces colors. It rhymes very nice too. I love how it comes back to the mom’s web!

Now… I am sure Jayd has heard this nursery rhyme from when she was a baby, but I am glad to teach it to her now and have her relearn it. Repetition is helpful in the learning process.

The next nursery rhyme that I found next on the previous link was,” I saw a ship a-sailing.” I hadn’t heard that one yet either!!! I decided it was a great one for the whole family to learn, since we will be heading off onto the boat next year!

I simply printed it off… (not pinterest worthy) but I wanted the girls to be able to draw the nursery rhythm onto the print. Here is a copy if you are interested in it…isawashipnr


I saw a ship a-sailing!

This is my  husband sailing away in the Florida Keys!

He is earning his sailing certification. We are so excited!




step 1. teach all the nursery rhythms to my children. Do you know them all??

step 2. learn how to spell rhythms without messing it up!


Have a lovely day!



Pumpkin Punch

Pumpkin Punch

Pumpkin Punch


This is great and simple FUN craft for the kids! Even adults seem to enjoy playing a round of

“pumpkin punch”.

pumpkinpunch-18  pumpkinpunch-19

Items needed are:

  1. punch balloons
  2. permanent black marker
  3. hours of time to play
  4. ears to listen to the laugher of the kids for hours and hours!


How to play:

Once decorated… punch away!  pumpkinpunch-23  pumpkinpunch-24

The package we bought included the perfect Halloween colors! We had orange, white, and green. We made a pumpkin, ghost, and Frankenstein. (Our green one had a hole in it.)


pumpkinpunch-6  pumpkinpunch-9  pumpkinpunch-7  pumpkinpunch-3

I have to admit… I even played a game or two!




The Tiniest Pumpkin

The Tiniest Pumpkin

The Tiniest Pumpkin. 

Today for home school we talked about pumpkins. We borrowed from the library this cute little book called, “The Tiniest Pumpkin, by Janet Craig.”  This was a great little read. It shares the story of waiting for Halloween to arrive and the right time to buy a pumpkin. They arrive at the pumpkin patch and find out that the pumpkins are all gone, except one… the tiniest pumpkin.


Don’t you just love tiny little pumpkins??

I really do.

This book was great for Jayd. This is a First-Start Easy Reader. Jayd does not know how to read yet, but we are practicing. The story line is great and simple.

tiniestpumpkin-6  tiniestpumpkin-5  tiniestpumpkin-3  tiniestpumpkin-11  tiniestpumpkin-13  tiniestpumpkin-10

In our classroom today… we did

  1. shapes (circle)  we cut out pumpkin shapes.
  2. we talked about colors. We mixed red and yellow to make the tiniest pumpkin cookies.
  3. we used scissors for cutting.
  4. we talked about opposites. Big and Little.  Tiny and Large.
  5. we talked about the parts of a pumpkin.


tiniestpumpkin-30  Reinforcing our colors… red, yellow, and orange. tiniestpumpkin-32  tiniestpumpkin-33  tiniestpumpkin-34

To make the cookies…

  1. shortbread cookies
  2. frosting
  3. red and yellow food coloring
  4. a place to get messy
  5. knife
  6. licorice

tiniestpumpkin-35  tiniestpumpkin-36  tiniestpumpkin-38  tiniestpumpkin-42

Please let them get dirty and messy… its part of the creative process.


These cookies do really make the simplest craft. I did not spend hours in the kitchen making homemade sugar cookies (but I plan on doing that soon enough). The frosting was store-bought as well. tiniestpumpkin-44  tiniestpumpkin-43  tiniestpumpkin-45  tiniestpumpkin-47

We had fun crafting and decorating… The Tiniest Pumpkin.


I love her lines from the pumpkin… handwriting reinforcement.  

tiniestpumpkin-51  tiniestpumpkin-52  She has make-up all over her face and of course orange frosting. tiniestpumpkin-56

She has the tiniest facial expressions! NOT! 



“This easy reader contains only 48 different words, repeated often to help the reader develop word recognition.” (resource front cover of the book)

It is now time to go and get your tiniest pumpkin for Halloween. Enjoy!


Apple Monsters

Apple Monsters

Apple Monsters


Since we moved to Florida and Jayd is old enough for preschool we tried to find a local preschool here, but we did not want to pay money. We did not find one. They have a preschool through the state but it requires extensive paperwork and acceptance, just not in our time budget. I decided to “homeschool” or teach Jayd preschool. I never thought I would be doing this. I love to craft and I love to learn, but to actually teach her something… uuhhhmmm no. I don’t do well teaching my own kids.

I decided I needed to set aside some time to do this. My mornings worked between getting the girls off at 8am and we would go for a few hours.

We just started two days ago.


{apple face: a common practice in our family}

I can honestly say it is going to be a lot of fun and easier than I thought. It just takes time, planning, and preparation.

This is our simple schedule:

  1. we read books
  2. we learn a new word/write the new word/theme based
  3. we study our colors
  4. we use scissors to cut
  5. we do arts and crafts

Some things I want to include to make sure she is getting a well-rounded education is science and math (my two least favorite subjects) .

We focused on apples today.


The science part : Do apples sink or float??

I simply filled a bucket full of water and asked her does it sink or float. I also cut one apple in half so she could have two different apples to play with.


The outcome… they float!

Apples float because they are made up of water and because their overall density is less than that of water. Their density is less than water because 25 percent of an apple’s volume is air. (reference)

Today I simply had her do was give me her hypotheses.. sink or float?? Well… she just made it sink, or at least she tried! Ha Ha.



After that I just let her play in the water with the apples.. she eventually moved the water to the ground and started throwing the apples into the water. What a fun girl!


She played for a bit. It was fun to see her in her element. Of course we had to cut up an apple for snack while we were working.

Most of my girls will not eat the crust. I am lazy and cut it up, but not the peel. They won’t eat the peel. My husband usually is the one who eats those up… because he can’t seem to let things go to waste.


After our snack… we worked on more apple fun stuff. I made a Baked Apple Oatmeal. I made up my own recipe because I am on a different lifestyle change, but this recipe was pretty darn close. I really want to tweek it up a little better before it is perfect, but that’s okay, it was edible. I just love baked apples!


While this baby was cooking… Jayd did Apple Monsters!

  1. apples
  2. toothpicks
  3. marshmallows
  4. black marker for eyes


This apple was pretty much shot from our earlier throwing… so coloring it with a black marker didn’t bother me. I asked her to name her apple monster and she said its names is “Marshmallow”. so very creative.


The whole morning went well.

She learned parts of an apple.

  1. stem
  2. leaf
  3. seeds
  4. core
  5. flesh

She practiced her writing… the color red and apple. She used scissors to cut out apples that she had stamped. Earlier this week I purchased and downloaded this awesome pack from The Moffat Girls Blog. I just printed it off and know she can practice her numbers, letters, etc. I just downloaded the month of October for the fall harvest fun! The red paper is from an old school Playskool book called… Colors. I am not sure if you can buy them anymore. This was given to me as a gift from a teacher who passed it on.


We had fun learning about apples and creating our Apple Monsters!

I just hope that I can keep up with her and her excitement for learning.

Any tips or information or blogs with great ideas… would be helpful!

Wish me luck!

Read Me T-Shirt Day

Read Me T-Shirt Day

Read Me T-Shirt Day… is today at the elementary school.

My girls at school are having a I Love to Read Week and they are focusing on reading. My girls really love to read.They enjoy being in a good book.  I wanted to make them a T-shirt for their Read Me T-shirt Day. fairytales-13

I used Tulip’s Fabric Spray Paint. It was very easy to use and the project was fun to create! It  took longer to print out the vinyl and attach it to my shirt then spray painting. I used my silhouette machine to cut the saying. I just chose a saying that was already on their site this time as I did this project only yesterday. I could have created my own but I didn’t this time. Someday I will be extra creative. No special meaning with the saying… just a good one!


I wanted them to wear a t-shirt with a saying on it… and my teenage daughter commented… “don’t they already have a t-shirt with a saying on it.” Yea… they do. But… I really wanted to try to make them a new shirt. Sometimes my girls wear the same clothes for months and months on end. It is nice to wear something new for a change… especially for a girl.



The instructions are on the back of the box… but here a few simple tips.

  1. Spray on fabric as desired!


2. Pressing pump halfway will produce a splatter effect. (Test Before you Spray your T-Shirt.)


3. A full pump produces a spray mist.



4. Let dry 4 hours.

Fabrics can be washed (turn inside out) after 72 hours. Colors work best on white and light-colored fabrics.


I had fun creating the girls a new t-shirt for Read Me T-Shirt Day. I loved the colors of the Tulip Spray Paint… and besides a few minor mistakes… they turned out adorable!
I found the t-shirt at walmart and they had the most adorable capri multi colored leggings there as well.

Outfit complete…

No one is too old for fairy tales or fabric spray paint!


what are you spray painting?