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Family Photos 2017

Family Photos 2017

 Family Photos 2017    

Better Together

Family Photos! Its a love-and-hate relationship when that word is mentioned. I decided I needed the love part to work its way out of that relationship and come forth.

Last year has come to a close and we are already almost three months into a new year. I promised myself that I would do a better job at taking more photos with my husband, myself in the photos, and with the family.

Yes… we did it. We took the family photos.  ON. THE. BEACH. What better place to have family photos. The beach goes on for miles and miles down the A1A. We choose a beach in Satellite Beach called Hightower Beach.  As we were driving  their I couldn’t but help mention the movie Police Academy. Have you seen it? If not… rent it! Its hilarious!  Anyways…any beach along the coast….you will be flying high in the Space Coast.

Right now, we love living here in Indian Harbor Beach. It is a quiet and peaceful little town. The beach is within walking distance and boy oh boy…. does it call to me every day.  I love being near a beach.

As most of you know Nathan my husband was gone for 2 ½ months. He was able to become a crew member on a boat being delivered from South Africa to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. After he got home the idea of really making it happen to have family photos hit hard. That is when we came across the photographer Kristin and we scheduled our family photos. You can check out her site here…


I loved the pictures she took of Nathan and I. It totally captures our deep love for each other and our happily married life. And our love for the ocean.  

Nathan and I decided we really wanted to keep our family pictures simple. We did not rush out to buy all new outfits for the girls. We did not want too bling up the photos with much. We wanted to capture a simple family photo. The beach as our background we knew we couldn’t go wrong.

The funny thing was is we took one afternoon and rummaged around the girls closets and our closets to find the color scheme we wanted and this is what we came up with. The only shirt we had to buy was his. 

I really missed Nathan while he was gone for those long winter months. I am grateful for each day we get to spend together now. I just love having his arms around me. It calms my fears and quiets my anxieties. Our marriage is not perfect… but we do love each other with all of our hearts. We are trying every day to just be patient with each other, communicate better, and don’t let our opinions out weight the truth. We want our marriage to Be Healthy and Happy. It takes work. And we are working at it…. every single day.

You can check out the girls photos from our family pictures over on their site … I think they turned out adorable! 

This year is going to be a great one… Our Family Photos 2017… turned out just liked we had hoped…. showing our love for each other and the beach!


Basket Brigade

Basket Brigade

Basket Brigade? What is Basket Brigade?

“A Thanksgiving Basket Brigade is where a group of local individuals, families, and volunteers come together in the spirit of contribution and help hundreds of families in and around the Space Coast to have the blessing of a Thanksgiving meal.”



We are new to the area but when we came across this Space Coast Basket Brigade on Facebook… we knew we wanted to get involved. We wanted to help those in our community.

How did we get involved?

We simply donated some jars of gravy.


And then this afternoon we were able to go and help unloaded boxes and sort the food into tables. We had a wonderful time volunteering. The girls did a great job “helping”.


We sorted donate items onto the tables that had the item listed. This was a very organized and well run event. They had many volunteers… but my favorite was watching my girls get involved. Team work girls… great job!


I know many many people were part of making this happen. I am super impressed with their goal of 1500 baskets to help those in need. They started out back in 2009 with only 4 baskets. Last year they did over 1000… and this year their goal is 1500 baskets… SIMPLY AMAZING!





We were blessed to donate some time and help sort through the donations. I loved being there and dancing, telling the girls to stop messing around, and saying go put this in the green bean pile. YEA… we had a lot of fun!



A few times.. I found them outside taking a water break. It was hot in the gym and it was nice and refreshing outside.



After our water break… we got back to work!



And Jayd even ran a few stairs! After about an hour they pretty much were done.. helping. But I was super proud of them for donating gravy and time!


It was such a sweet experience!



I even found one young man amongst the donations who did this all on his own in his own neighborhood and collected needed items.


Amazing people out there!

Thank you Basket Brigade for allowing my girls to donate time and help such a great community cause!

Good Luck Basket Brigade we hope you reach your goal! 


I was super impressed with the volunteers tonight… they seemed super happy to be there and help sort for tomorrow’s big day of putting together the baskets!!




I think this year’s space coast basket brigade is going to be a winner!


To those amazing people out there… who do so much, who donate so much, who organize wonderful events like this… bless you!

I have had a family member in the past who did not get thanksgiving one year and this would have been a blessing in his life. To those of you who are receiving a basket… may you have a blessed thanksgiving!


Hole in the Rock

Hole in the Rock

hole in the rock

One of the reasons we moved to a smaller house was …. to get out and do more activities as a family. Instead of being stuck at home on a Saturday doing housework and yard work. Today we did just that!!

Hole in the Rock, Papago Park, Phoenix.

I slept in on this beautiful Saturday.

I woke up at 9am! Yes… it was great. Then my husband made his delicious French Toast. I swear he makes the best French Toast. After covering it with Nutella oh and a little syrup I completely enjoyed it!
I have been wanting to go to see this Hole in the Rock at Papago Park for sometime. I know we have lived in this valley for almost 15 years and we have never seen it. Yes… I know we need to get out more!  My husband also says we needed to go see so I can cross it off the list and stop bugging him to go and see it.

Crossed off the list!

(all photos were taken with my iPhone)
IMG_2636 IMG_2637
As a mom… I love to see my kids explore by themselves. I try and not worry as much, but I have to admit I am a worry wort. I hear myself saying “be careful” like a thousand times. My husband is total opposite. He is an true adventure at heart. My girls are so lucky to have a dad like him.

me. sitting. enjoying. the. view.

You are not really that high up but it is a great view of the Valley. It is quite an easy hike… actually it is not really a hike at all. It is a walk around the Hole in the Rock. 

Jane is the happiest little girl I know. She is always the one saying Mom… take a picture of me! 

IMG_2644 IMG_2645

My little girl Jayd is never quite sure of herself. She always says… Mom carry me! This one she wanted to do it all by herself.



IMG_2647 IMG_2648

Here is the family… on the top!

IMG_2649Nathan explored the tougher spots with the older girls… while I waited at the bottom with the baby! 
IMG_2657 IMG_2650

She thinks all the rocks are “special” to her.




my girls ask to bring home a rock.



I have needed new shoes for quite some time… oh well these will do for now.


IMG_2655 IMG_2633 IMG_2632It was a beautiful day!

IMG_2656Nathan and the girls had someone take a picture of them from the hole.




Happy Saturday Friends.