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Be Kind Free Printable

Be Kind Free Printable

Be Kind Free Printable

be kind

Happy Friday Friends!

This past week I have been focusing on this principle with my girls… Be Kind.


They seem to get at each others throat quite often these days… and I am having to emphasize that they need to be kind. So.. I have issued them a kindness challenge. They wrote it down on a piece of paper and it is their goal to do something kind for someone this week.

It is now Friday and I need to follow-up with them to see how the challenge went. I am hoping that they noticed a difference. As a mom… I am hoping… Pleasseee Pleaassse …Be kind to each other.

be kind

And since it is Friday  (I usually in the past wink-wink) have a Friday Font Love for you… and it is your lucky day… I have such a cute free printable for you.

be kind

be kind

Here is your free printable…

be kind


To download just right-click on the photo above and save to your computer. Print and display. 

Be Kind Free Printable


be kind

 Here are the 5 free fonts for you…

5 Free Fonts

By Carrie Perrins

  1. thoughts of her.
  2. chipotle.
  3. Heavitas.
  4.  Photographs.
  5. Autumn Chant.

I am so loving these new fonts… and really can’t wait to use them often… especially the Heavitas and Photographs font.

And… do you know that I LOVE that you can download these fonts onto your iPhone. I am loving that!

Here is a quick tutorial… if you don’t know already!

How to download a font to your iPhone through Phonto:

  1. Download the Phonto app.
  2. Go to your browser and type in Dafont or any other free font site.
  3. Push the download button and a screen should pop up that says open in… or open in Phonto. Click on the Open in Phonto Button.
  4. Once in Phonto go to fonts and under my fonts you should see the downloaded new font.
  5. Thats it… you did it.


Phonto is by far my favorite app. You can do so much in that app. It is not just a text app.. but you can adjust your size of photo’s, create photo’s, and so much more.

YES… I LOVe this App!

STEP 1: Get the app



Get your free font from which font space site you desire.


be kind

STEP 3: Once onto their site simply choose a favorite font and push the download button in the right top corner.

STEP 4: Open the file in Phonto.



STEP 5: It should automatically take you into their site and have the font in your font folder. 


STEP 6: Create whatever your heart desires… with the new amazing free font. Simply add the text and save the image.

Six simple steps that are FREE! I love several other sites that have such great combinations… but usually they are not free… this is something that I could choose whatever font I LOVE and have it right on my phone!


be kind

Be kind Friends…

and feel free to share this…

Be Kind Free Printable.

Sweet and Salty Holiday Chex Mix

Sweet and Salty Holiday Chex Mix

Sweet and Salty Holiday Chex Mix 
sweet and salty chex mix

Hello Sweet Friends!

I know it has been a long time… I am sorry. No excuses… but I am excited to be back and share some holiday cheer with you today!

I am in charge of making a trail mix for our church sisters and this was the recipe that I found several months ago and have been saving it for the Christmas season. I spent yesterday buying all the ingredients and baking it in the kitchen. It smelled like Christmas. It tasted like heaven.

sweet and salty chex holiday mix

Today… I printed up the tags and bagged them up. This Sweet and Salty Chex Mix can be mixed up and you can add whatever else to it you prefer. I chose to leave out the raisins and or cranberries, but that would be good in it as well. Any dried fruit or chocolate would make it even better.
sweet and salty chex holiday mix

This is a good recipe for a salty treat.

Here is the recipe…

Sweet and Salty Holiday Chex Mix


  • 2 lbs salted mixed nuts
  • 1 (12 ounce) box of Corn Chex
  • 1 ( 6 ½ ounce) box of Wheat Chex
  • 1 ( 6 ½ ounce) box of Chocolate Chex
  • 1 (10 ounce) box of Honey Nut Cheerios
  • ½ bag of stick pretzels
  • ½ bag of butter snap pretzels
  • In a large bowl, combine and set aside.
  • Sauce:
  • 1 ½ cups butter
  • 2 TBSP. Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 TBSP. garlic salt
  • 1 TBSP. seasoning salt
  • ½ tsp. onion salt
  • ½ tsp. celery salt/ or seed
  • Combine all in saucepan, over low heat melt. Once melted, pour over chex mix.
  • Mix until combined.
  • Bake in oven at 225 degrees for 1 ½ hours, stirring every 20 minutes.
  • Once it is complete, let it dry out on pan.
  • Then package and add:
  • m&m's
  • dried fruit

***recipe adapted from Hollyhocks & Honeybees

sweet and salty holiday chex mix


This recipe is a great salty one. Grab a handful and munch down. It really is good to balance out all those sweets. I only added sweet to the title… because of the addition of the chocolate to it! You don’t have to add the chocolate. You could just keep it like the original recipe…but we all need chocolate this time of year right?!!

sweet and salty holiday chex mix

My favorite part…. the butter snaps pretzels with the baked salty sauce over it! The combination of the chex mix and other ingredients make it scrumptious!

Like I mentioned… I packaged them up in some bags, tied a scripture found in book of  Matthew around it with jute twine and cute red and green string. I think they turned out great!


I put about three cups of the mixture into the bag and added some regular m&m’s, peppermint m&m’s, and some mint m&m’s. I just mixed them up by shaking the bag. Tied them up and there you have it… a great Sweet and Salty Holiday Chex Mix… aka my trail mix.

You could totally make this gluten-free as well…. if need be. Just buy gluten-free pretzels and don’t add the Wheat Chex mix or Chocolate Chex Mix. Just use regular Rice Chex. Add dried fruit and or other items that you prefer. { I want to make it that soon. }


Here is the scripture if you want to print it off. I just printed it off on some cute Christmas paper on the back side. scripture



Holidays are not the same without some type of Chex Mix included!

Hope your holiday is sweet and salty!

Halloween Fonts

Halloween Fonts

Hello Halloween! I have gathered some really neat Halloween fonts for you! Have a great month! 


Happy October! I love this month so much! I love the colors of this month… black, whites, greens, oranges, purples. It truly is such a wonderful time of year! I love to decorate for Halloween. I love the witches, the candy { except now I will not be eating any of it}, I love the kids excitement, I love the chili cook offs, I love the changing of the colors, I love the cool crisp mornings, I love the white and orange pumpkins, I love the costumes, I love this month! This last month of September was by far my favorite so far! I loved decorating for fall. I was blessed. This month is going to be exhilarating too!

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Bat Bones Free Printable

Bat Bones Free Printable

bat bones free printable

Happy Friday Friends!

This Halloween Season I decided I wanted some bones added to my decor.

Bat Bones to be specific!

I fell in love with this Bat Bone vintage Halloween Clip Art from The Graphics Fairy.

 Since… I loved it some much

I created this Bat Bones Free Printable to display in my home.

Have you decorated for Halloween yet??

If not… this will make a great addition to your home decor! I displayed it on my entryway table.


bat bones free printable


Also came across this free font from Dafont that makes the perfect font for this free printable

you can download it here… Linowrite.

Perfect for Free Font Friday!

Here is the free printable for you…

To download just right click on the image below and save it to your computer and print it


download this pdf bat bones3 !

I printed mine in a 8×10 and trimmed it up a bit with a paper trimmer.

free printable

It is funny looking… but oh so Halloweenish!

bat bones free printable

I absolutely love spending [wasting] time looking at blogs!  One thing about bloggers… if they have being it doing it for years they have a bunch of resources for your holidays! Just got to one of your favorite blogs … and look up their archives. Then pick a few years back like lets say 2009 or 2010 and start searching their site! Its amazing what you can come across!

For example.. this bread from Lolly Jane.




I found this adorable Vintage Halloween Clip Art from The Graphics Fairy. {As you can see this is what I used for this bat bones free printable.}

bat bones



I found this adorable Tulle Wreath from My 3 Monsters!




how about this adorable table centerpiece from Parents Magazine.



these yummy delicious Pumpkin Snickerdoodles from A Bitchen’ Kitchen.

pumpkin snickerdoodles


or Oh My Goodness…. these pumpkin pie bites from Bakerella.



And one of my last favorite ones is this… Count Down To Candy Sign from CornerHouse Blog.


Anyways… as you could see I am addicted to searching for new and fun ideas.

I hope these inspire you to go and search for some too.


You can follow my Halloween Pinterest Board here.

Monster Trace Me Free Printable

Monster Trace Me Free Printable

free printable

Monster Trace Me Free Printable

I am trying really hard to do little activities with my two-year old. Today… we sat down with some new ultra fine point expo dry erase markers and had some fun tracing monsters. She loved it!  Which by the way… I am totally HAPPY for the new ultra fine point expo markers. They are amazing! This was a fantastic activity for her. She grabbed the markers and started tracing away. This will help her develop her hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.



monster trace me free printable

Fast forward several hours later … and her sisters arrive home from school. They wanted to trace right away. In fact they couldn’t wait until I made one for them. They started tracing on the same one. It was rather hilarious!

monster trace me free printable

I think my girls sat down for like 1/2 hour or so and traced all the cute little monsters. It was so fun!

monster trace me free printable Here is the easy cute tutorial…

Monster Trac

By Carrie Perrins

  • free printable
  • clear transparent contact paper
  • expo markers
  • scissors and or paper cutter
  • paper towels

Print out free printable [ below ].  Then on a stable surface lay your picture right side up.  Measure and cut and 8 x 11 sheet of contact paper and lay over top. Starting at the top… peel off the backing really slow and lay over the top of the printable. Peel back evenly. Do small sections at a time, if needed.  Apply the contact paper to the top of the monster free printable. Press all the way down to the bottom. With scissors, trim the outside extra contact paper. PLEASE follow the directions on the contact paper… as it is very sticky and it must be put on very carefully… because as I found out the hard way… it does not come off. It will take ink and picture off. But…. trust me it is easy if you have used contact paper before. JUST GO SLOW.

free printable

To print just right-click on the above image and save it to your computer.

I have also included a pdf download… here monsterpdf.

I used contact paper because I found that it is easier to wipe of the dry erase markers. But… I am sure you could laminate it as well. Either way… tracing for hours. Be prepared.

free printable

I did notice that the black expo marker was the hardest to wipe off. I had to rub hard. But the rest of the colors wiped off really easy with a paper towel. Don’t you just love my two-year old’s tracing. She just scribbles!!

free printable

My girls loved this Monster Trace Me Free Printable.

free printable free printable

Hope you enjoy this activity with your little ones {aka monsters}-


free printable



*** for personal use only***