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8 Lucky Fonts

8 Lucky Fonts

lucky fonts



Today I took down the pink and started putting up the green. I love switching out my decor for the up and coming holiday. I really don’t have much decor for St. Patrick’s Day, but I am hoping to pull some together. I know February is not over yet… but I have had up my pink decor for quite some time. It was time for a change.

I haven’t done a Friday font love for you in a verryyyyy long time. I am loving the handwriting fonts right now. I have put together 8 lucky fonts for you.

1. kiss me i’m irish is…. Armoniso.

2. St. Patrick’s Day is… Blueberry Pie Regular.

3. rainbow is….Hula Skirt Girl.

4. shamrock is….Pea Roxy Girl.

5. lucky is….FHA Nicholson French 

6. irish is… Fox in the Snow.

7. march 17 is …. Normal Sometimes.

8. four leaf clover is….  How cute am I.


Have you started taking down the pink yet, or are you going to wait until the end of the month?? Either way…hope your day is filled with luck.

These are great free fonts! These fonts are for personal use only!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

5 Free Fonts

5 Free Fonts

5 free fonts



Happy Friday Friends!

I came across this photo on Pinterest and fell in love with it!!

octoberimage{ photo courtesy of pinterest}

Isn’t it just beautiful! I love the colors of October. The oranges, the greens, the reds, the yellows. Just stunning!

I took inspiration from this photo and have included 5 free fonts for friday font love.

5 Free Fonts 

By Carrie Perrins

October…. is  Kg One More Night.

My ….. is  Fargo Faro Font.

Most …. is Austie Bost Envelopes.

Favorite … Tall & Slim.

Color …. is Prosto Sans.

Aren’t these amazing fonts?? I am so excited to have them downloaded into my font folder. Did you know that you could download any of your favorite fonts to your iPhone??

Check out how I did that here.

To download these fonts… click on the link and download to your computer. These are free fonts to be used for personal use only.

This month is going to go by really fast. We have so many fun things planned. I just love this month! Hopefully… I can just breath and take in all the beauty this month as to offer.

What are some things you will look forward to this month??

Happy October-

Bat Bones Free Printable

Bat Bones Free Printable

bat bones free printable

Happy Friday Friends!

This Halloween Season I decided I wanted some bones added to my decor.

Bat Bones to be specific!

I fell in love with this Bat Bone vintage Halloween Clip Art from The Graphics Fairy.

 Since… I loved it some much

I created this Bat Bones Free Printable to display in my home.

Have you decorated for Halloween yet??

If not… this will make a great addition to your home decor! I displayed it on my entryway table.


bat bones free printable


Also came across this free font from Dafont that makes the perfect font for this free printable

you can download it here… Linowrite.

Perfect for Free Font Friday!

Here is the free printable for you…

To download just right click on the image below and save it to your computer and print it


download this pdf bat bones3 !

I printed mine in a 8×10 and trimmed it up a bit with a paper trimmer.

free printable

It is funny looking… but oh so Halloweenish!

bat bones free printable

I absolutely love spending [wasting] time looking at blogs!  One thing about bloggers… if they have being it doing it for years they have a bunch of resources for your holidays! Just got to one of your favorite blogs … and look up their archives. Then pick a few years back like lets say 2009 or 2010 and start searching their site! Its amazing what you can come across!

For example.. this bread from Lolly Jane.




I found this adorable Vintage Halloween Clip Art from The Graphics Fairy. {As you can see this is what I used for this bat bones free printable.}

bat bones



I found this adorable Tulle Wreath from My 3 Monsters!




how about this adorable table centerpiece from Parents Magazine.



these yummy delicious Pumpkin Snickerdoodles from A Bitchen’ Kitchen.

pumpkin snickerdoodles


or Oh My Goodness…. these pumpkin pie bites from Bakerella.



And one of my last favorite ones is this… Count Down To Candy Sign from CornerHouse Blog.


Anyways… as you could see I am addicted to searching for new and fun ideas.

I hope these inspire you to go and search for some too.


You can follow my Halloween Pinterest Board here.

5 Halloween Fonts

5 Halloween Fonts

5 Halloween Fonts

5 Halloween Fonts

    I just saw on Instagram the other day that we had 100 days or less until Christmas.


 I am just starting to count down to one of my favorite holidays… Halloween.

         {Sidenote: I want to make a paper countdown train… who’s with me??}

For you…  I have put together 5 freaky cool Halloween Fonts.

42 days until Halloween!

I love the colors of Halloween.

I love the blacks, whites, greens, and oranges!

I love the pumpkins, the candy corn, the trick or treating.

But I also love…



free Halloween Fonts.

I will be putting up my Halloween mantle very soon. I am excited to decorate my house for Halloween! I think I have more orange buckets stuffed full of Halloween decor than any other holiday. I don’t like the gory stuff. I don’t like the scary and bloody stuff.  I love witches and collect them each year. On a Halloween past… we went to a local haunted house in downtown mesa and got a special tour of it. It was pretty freaky! I don’t like freaky stuff either! I am a scaredy cat you could say! *Sidenote… I have never seen any of the Halloween movies!

Do you collect anything in particular for your Halloween decorations??

Are you ready for Halloween?

I am so ready!

Here are the 5 Halloween fonts:

By Carrie Perrins

1. Black Cats – Wish I  were Taller.

2. Jack O’ Lanterns – Quickie 

3. Frankenstein – Boldenstein 

4. Ghosts – Laundromat 1967

5.  Haunted House – Legal 

**These are free fonts to download for personal use only!!

Hope you have a smashing Halloween!


In case you missed last years… my 5 favorite Halloween fonts…  Here they are.

5 Halloween Fonts

5 Free Fall Fonts

5 Free Fall Fonts

5 free fall fonts

5 Free Fall Fonts

Friday is finally here. I have to admit I am glad it is Friday. I have plenty of projects going on around the house that I want to get completed. I am working on organizing my office. I have pulled everything out and am totally organizing everything. I think I might have bitten off more than I can chew. But… I am so excited to finally have an office slash craft room!

For this Happy Friday… I have put together 5 free fall fonts. I love these fonts! I can’t wait to use them in my home. My favorite is Jolly!

What’s yours??

Here they are:

5 Free Fall Fonts

By Carrie Perrins

1.  Harvest is Porters Sans

2.   Football is Michaelmas 

3. Candy Corn is Tosco Font

4. Piles and Piles of leaves is  Jolly

5. Pumpkins is  Langdon

falling leaves

I am so excited that I have found this site with free wallpapers. You can download them for free! It is called Mr. Wallpaper. Here is the link for… Mr. WallPaper. Tons of images you can search for FREE.

I am adding this one to my screen today!

Happy Fall Friday!


*These fonts are for personal use only**