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The Tiniest Pumpkin

The Tiniest Pumpkin

The Tiniest Pumpkin. 

Today for home school we talked about pumpkins. We borrowed from the library this cute little book called, “The Tiniest Pumpkin, by Janet Craig.”  This was a great little read. It shares the story of waiting for Halloween to arrive and the right time to buy a pumpkin. They arrive at the pumpkin patch and find out that the pumpkins are all gone, except one… the tiniest pumpkin.


Don’t you just love tiny little pumpkins??

I really do.

This book was great for Jayd. This is a First-Start Easy Reader. Jayd does not know how to read yet, but we are practicing. The story line is great and simple.

tiniestpumpkin-6  tiniestpumpkin-5  tiniestpumpkin-3  tiniestpumpkin-11  tiniestpumpkin-13  tiniestpumpkin-10

In our classroom today… we did

  1. shapes (circle)  we cut out pumpkin shapes.
  2. we talked about colors. We mixed red and yellow to make the tiniest pumpkin cookies.
  3. we used scissors for cutting.
  4. we talked about opposites. Big and Little.  Tiny and Large.
  5. we talked about the parts of a pumpkin.


tiniestpumpkin-30  Reinforcing our colors… red, yellow, and orange. tiniestpumpkin-32  tiniestpumpkin-33  tiniestpumpkin-34

To make the cookies…

  1. shortbread cookies
  2. frosting
  3. red and yellow food coloring
  4. a place to get messy
  5. knife
  6. licorice

tiniestpumpkin-35  tiniestpumpkin-36  tiniestpumpkin-38  tiniestpumpkin-42

Please let them get dirty and messy… its part of the creative process.


These cookies do really make the simplest craft. I did not spend hours in the kitchen making homemade sugar cookies (but I plan on doing that soon enough). The frosting was store-bought as well. tiniestpumpkin-44  tiniestpumpkin-43  tiniestpumpkin-45  tiniestpumpkin-47

We had fun crafting and decorating… The Tiniest Pumpkin.


I love her lines from the pumpkin… handwriting reinforcement.  

tiniestpumpkin-51  tiniestpumpkin-52  She has make-up all over her face and of course orange frosting. tiniestpumpkin-56

She has the tiniest facial expressions! NOT! 



“This easy reader contains only 48 different words, repeated often to help the reader develop word recognition.” (resource front cover of the book)

It is now time to go and get your tiniest pumpkin for Halloween. Enjoy!


Pumpkin Patches and Parks

Pumpkin Patches and Parks

Pumpkin Patches and Parks…

We drove to our nearest pumpkin patch. It was across town at a local church. We explored the patch. We picked a few great pumpkins.

BUT… why do they have to cost so much?? I know farming is a dying breed. I know purchasing those pumpkins helps the local church. However, I do know that after the season is over they throw all of them away! Why not lower your cost and sale more pumpkins? We would have bought more if they were a little bit less expensive. YES… I can afford to buy them. BUT… that is not the point.  I just can’t seem to pay $50 dollars for a pumpkin. Do you pay that much?


We were excited to learn that these pumpkins were from Arizona.. our home state! She couldn’t tell us exactly where they were grown, but she did say Arizona. Coming from Arizona… there are quite a few pumpkin patches all over, but it continues to still be a problem… WHY DO THEY COST SO MUCH??


I was excited to find this beautiful, big pumpkin. Isn’t she gorgeous??

It would have been the perfect Jack O’ Lantern.


We took our annual pumpkin patch family photo and went on our way.




My  husband has the funniest sense of humor. I found this pumpkin guy very attractive!

familynight-13  familynight-11








Then onto the park we went. Since we are new to the area… we are exploring. This is Wickham Park. It is 391 acre park. It is amazing! It has archery, horseshoes, trails, camping, disc golf course, and so much more.


This park might change my mind about parks… but why I hate parks you ask?

This picture describes it perfectly.


The kids sit by us. They don’t go and play.  Until we force them too.

familynight-28  familynight-29  familynight-27    
familynight-20  familynight-19

She was funny…. I said to her, “Just let me know when you get tired, and I will stop pushing you. She replied back, I don’t feel like I will ever get tired of this.”

Then 5 minutes later they were back at our side… so I turned into a family photo shoot!

familynight-40  familynight-38  familynight-33

familynight-36  familynight-32  familynight-41

These were a few of my favorite pictures from the night….


This Man! I love him so much!

I also love Rainbows! Florida has them almost every day! I am in heaven!


and the green state… coming from Arizona it is so wonderful to see such greenery!



Well… I might hate pumpkin patches and parks but I do love my man and my girls!


I did make my husband go back to the pumpkin patch and splurge on a few pumpkins. He hated it, but the pumpkins were just too gorgeous to pass up!

May your pumpkins and parks be full of love not hate!


The Wild Life

The Wild Life

The Wild Life. I feel like we are living the wild life! 


Robinson Crusoe.

A novel by Daniel Defoe written in 1719. It is almost 300 years old. It is a classic novel.

Guess what?? I have never read it. 

It is about a man sailing from England and is shipwrecked with three animals. It is his story of adaptation of island life with no other humans around. He cultivates food, shelter, and his spirit. He learns to live a simple life. He learns about God. He learns to survive. Survival on this island is exactly what happened. I really cannot wait to read this book.


Yesterday we went as family to the local movie theater to see the Movie… The Wild Life. This is a movie about a man who is shipwrecked onto an island in the middle of nowhere. It is given through the eyes of the animals living on the island. A Macaw. A Tapir. A Goat. A Chameleon. A Bird. A Armadillo. A HedgeHog. A Bird. They are living happily on the island except Mac ( the main character) is not happy and knows there is life out there and wants to leave the island.

He then encounters Robinson Crusoe.

They become friends.


My Review…

The rest of the movie was really was dull and unimaginative. The plot was not engaging. It seemed to just drag on. At the end of the movie when we walked out, we were thankful it was over. I was sad that they couldn’t have made it more exciting. You know… they should have had a shark in the movie. Sharks make movies so much better!!!





This morning I did a simple art project with Jayd. We traced out her arm onto construction paper in a tree form an using her cubby cute little fingers to cut out the shape and we glued it onto her paper… then she drew a tree house  with watercolors and how to get up into the most imaginary places for children of all… the secret hideout.. aka the tree house.  I think this was a great project for her after seeing the movie. Even though the movie was uneventful…the tree house was probably the best part of the movie! Robinson creates a home amongst the trees.

In the movie, the treehouse does get destroyed. This picture will be hanging in our art gallery for the week.


Her art project included a rainbow, a sun, a staircase, a tire swing, and a ladder. It was pretty darn cute! I love how her mind is exploring, creating, and doing new things.

I also found this adorable font for Robinson Crusoe. It is found here.  I easily downloaded onto my phone in less than 1 minute. I love how that works!!




Enjoy your evening!

In my Kitchen

In my Kitchen

On Monday I went grocery shopping and decided I wanted to do a little monday meal preparation. I took most of the morning and into the afternoon in my kitchen... and had a relaxing time cutting fruits and veggies. I got my fruits and vegetables at Sprouts this time… and they were delicious! Cutting and eating as I went.


I decided I wanted to try my hand at storing all my fruits and veggies in mason jars.

Have you tried this?

I haven’t tried it yet and cannot wait until the end of the week to see how they lasted.


You know how you start on one little project and it runs into the next… yea this was the one for me! I just wanted to have some fresh fruits and vegetables handy and cut up and prepared… which led to cleaning out the fridge… which led to cleaning the entire kitchen…which led to organizing some of my pantry.

One thing after another… but I loved it!

One trick my mother-in-law taught me… use shower caps to cover food. When I was at the grocery store the other day, I bought some new stackable ziplock Tupperware. They came in so handy for my organization and cleaning. The grapes were too big to use a Tupperware… a shower cap it is.


I am on day 2 now… I have to say it is pretty easy just grabbing a mason jar and setting it out on the table for breakfast and or dinner.


Already pre-cut and prepared… now were talking.

I am hoping they will last until the end of the week. It seems to run out quicker than I thought… we are almost out of strawberries and watermelon.

I went to bed feeling great about my day… about having the food somewhat prepared for the week… and most importantly having the kitchen clean!

Today… I made leftover beef enchiladas… and just pulled out the jar of cantaloupe and set it on the table…

honestly such a great idea…

not sure why I haven’t thought of it before!

Loving the fruit and veggies in mason jars!

Tonight… after dinner we did homework. I struggled with this little one concentrating. She did not want to do her homework. Last night she forget her homework folder and so she had even more work to complete tonight… but she did not want to do it.

She wanted to play with the bubble wand and balloons…like her sister.


We finally got homework done… and got her put to bed. Pink balloons and bubble wands will have to wait until tomorrow!

A lot of important daily occurrences happen in my kitchen…at my island and bar… and I am thankful for the time and memories that are created here. From cutting strawberries, to doing homework, to serving dinner, to creating this post.

I am thankful…

to be

in my kitchen.

Have a great night!



Cirque de Soleil

Cirque de Soleil

Childhood. I had a distinct feeling today that my girls are “experiencing” their childhood. I remember my childhood being only a few years ago. (ahhh you grow up so fast) I grew up in Utah… my girls are growing up here in Arizona. I lived  in the same house for 25+years… my girls have moved around a lot too several different homes.

Yet… we all create childhood memories.

Last night my girls were outside. They were creating childhood memories. We don’t have a tree house in our back yard. We don’t have a play swing-set in our back yard. We don’t have a trampoline in our back yard. It is a really small backyard.

We have two hammocks.

The girls literally play, sit, day-dream, and swing on these…. all the time!

Recently one broke and we had to replace it. We picked up these wonderful hammocks from Puerto Rico, when we were on our summer trip a couple of years ago. The best souvenir ever!!

Good thing… we brought like 5 home with us.

Replacement coming right up… but now I am worried we might need some more!

Introducing… our next Cirque du Soleil hammock acrobats.


I got out my camera and set the creative settings to handheld night scene. This setting is under scn button. You simply set the preset and start snapping away.  I loved the motion and capture that this setting took of my girls.

Okay… so they are not supposed to “swing” on the hammocks, but I couldn’t resist letting them have a bit of fun.


They were having so much fun!! That is what childhood is about. They were playing in the backyard on a hammock… getting creative.


Their hands were hurting when they were done. They almost hit the sliding glass doors a bunch of times and I am sure they almost broke the hammocks… but I am so glad they didn’t  and I am really glad they had such a wonderful time!


Hint… kids don’t need a lot to be creative and have fun! I am glad that my girls use their imagination and come up with ideas… to be acrobats in our own back yard having their own show of….

cirque du soleil


Now… when I took these photos my red-eye setting was enabled. I went to lightroom and tried to remove the red-eye after the pictures were taken… it was extremely difficult. Some pictures.. I was able to do it, but some I had to leave because it changed the nature of the photo. But… overall the setting on this camera was simply beeaaaauuuutiful in capturing.. their joy and excitement… their movement and swinging.


Thanks for swinging by…

Happy Day!