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Homemade Coconut Milk

Homemade Coconut Milk

Homemade Coconut Milk. 

“Hold fast your dreams!

Within you heart!

Keep one still, secret spot.

Where dreams may go,

And sheltered so,

May thrive and grow-

Where doubt and fear are not.

Oh, keep a place apart

Within you heart,

For little dreams to go.”

-Louise Driscoll

How to make your own Coconut Milk

Can you make your own coconut milk? Why… yes you can. Homemade Coconut Milk. At first I was a little skeptical but it truly came out beautifully! And it was super easy.. easier than I thought. My dream one day is to become self-reliant and make more things from scratch. It is a learning process for sure. But this… homemade coconut milk will now a forever hold a place in my heart.


The other day we had a friend offer us some free coconuts from her very own coconut tree. My husband came home with 5 coconuts. I do not like the coconut water from the coconut. I know it has many healthy benefits… but I just can’t drink the stuff. My husband loves it and drinks it all the time. After he chopped into a few of the coconuts with his handy-dandy machete and drank them he threw them away.

He threw them away! My husband doesn’t usually throw things away. I was in shock.

Then he decided to get them back out and save the actual coconut. ( No they weren’t gross from the garbage can.) I keep a tidy garbage can. I am just kidding.

He cut them up into pieces and we saved them in a storage bag in the fridge.

Fast forward about 5-6 days and every time I opened the fridge I had this coconut staring at me. I wanted to use it up. I did not want it to go to waste.  I had not cooked with it all. I thought to myself… what can I do with this coconut??

Of course… I googled it.


I came across this recipe.. and decided to give it a try. I was so grateful to find this recipe. As I was making this recipe… the thought came to me that I could I use this in my smoothies, in my baking, in almost anything that requires milk. I was extremely excited… especially since I knew eventually we would be roaming the remote islands of the world and coconut milk is expensive. Now.. I can make my own!!!!!

Here is the original creator of the recipe… Wellness Mama. Please click on her link for the recipe. I sat and read almost every 320 comments so I knew I was getting into. What might come about with problems? Well as you can see.. my turned out beautiful!!


I stored the three bottles into the fridge. I ended up not using all the coconut that my husband had saved, but I was truly grateful for this recipe!

My first smoothie came out excellent! I don’t have a particular recipe that I used… just some coconut milk, almond milk, frozen fruit, spinach, and some protein powder. I added some peanut butter and flax-seed into.. and it was delicious! I am now onto my second smoothie… trying all different combinations. Oh… I also added mango aloe vera juice! It was extremely pleasing!


A few extra photos from this week!


Jayd is really growing up. She is such a great helper in the kitchen! She loves to be right in the middle of my baking or cooking projects! She also loves to be in the camera’s face! I am loving this homeschooling time with her.

We went to the beach again this week… and just walked. Some of us tried to kick sea shells. LOL.



I think she finally really kicked one… after much practice. We patiently waited for the sunset and were happy with its results!



On Thanksgiving morning we went on a family walk on the causeway. The weather was perfect! Look at those coconut milk skies. It sprinkled rain on us. We made it to the top and turned around the little ones just kept running and getting out their energy. We were hungry we got back and guess what I a made… coconut milk smoothies.


May all your smoothies and dreams be dreamy… with this homemade coconut milk. I know mine are!


Read Me T-Shirt Day

Read Me T-Shirt Day

Read Me T-Shirt Day… is today at the elementary school.

My girls at school are having a I Love to Read Week and they are focusing on reading. My girls really love to read.They enjoy being in a good book.  I wanted to make them a T-shirt for their Read Me T-shirt Day. fairytales-13

I used Tulip’s Fabric Spray Paint. It was very easy to use and the project was fun to create! It  took longer to print out the vinyl and attach it to my shirt then spray painting. I used my silhouette machine to cut the saying. I just chose a saying that was already on their site this time as I did this project only yesterday. I could have created my own but I didn’t this time. Someday I will be extra creative. No special meaning with the saying… just a good one!


I wanted them to wear a t-shirt with a saying on it… and my teenage daughter commented… “don’t they already have a t-shirt with a saying on it.” Yea… they do. But… I really wanted to try to make them a new shirt. Sometimes my girls wear the same clothes for months and months on end. It is nice to wear something new for a change… especially for a girl.



The instructions are on the back of the box… but here a few simple tips.

  1. Spray on fabric as desired!


2. Pressing pump halfway will produce a splatter effect. (Test Before you Spray your T-Shirt.)


3. A full pump produces a spray mist.



4. Let dry 4 hours.

Fabrics can be washed (turn inside out) after 72 hours. Colors work best on white and light-colored fabrics.


I had fun creating the girls a new t-shirt for Read Me T-Shirt Day. I loved the colors of the Tulip Spray Paint… and besides a few minor mistakes… they turned out adorable!
I found the t-shirt at walmart and they had the most adorable capri multi colored leggings there as well.

Outfit complete…

No one is too old for fairy tales or fabric spray paint!


what are you spray painting?

Dehydrated Cilantro

Dehydrated Cilantro

I dehydrate cilantro to use when I am out of fresh herbs. I use it in almost all recipes from soups, to casseroles, salsas, omelets, you name it,  I through a handful in and the herb makes the dish more flavorful.

dehydrated cilantor


I have been dehydrating cilantro for several years now and I love it. Sometimes I don’t have any on hand and it is nice to go to my cupboard and grab a handful and through it into whatever dish I am making.

I love cilantro. No… like I love it! I use it in almost everything I cook.

I love its flavor, its texture, and its taste.

When you dehydrate something you take the water out of it to store it or preserve. I own a dehydrator and I don’t use it as often as I should, but I love it! 

Read More Read More

7 ways to improve your self-esteem

7 ways to improve your self-esteem

ways to improve your self-esteem. Here is a list that I will be working on for the next few months to raise my self-esteem. 

7 ways to improve self esteem

Self- Esteem.

According to Wikipedia… Self-Esteem reflects an overall emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is a judgement of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self.

I am a woman. I think I have struggled with my self-esteem since I was a little girl. I think my girls struggle with their self-esteem.

In making some changes in my life… I know I wanted to improve my self-esteem.

In order to create lasting change in my life… I know that I need to come to love myself. Coming to really evaluate myself and my attitude towards me. Here are some simple ways.. that I am implementing in my own life.

7 Ways to Improve your Self-Esteem

By Carrie Perrins.

** slightly adapted from a good source, email if you would like the source’s contact information

1. Mirror Mirror  Stand in front of the mirror on a daily basis and tell yourself …. I LOVE YOU!  Use positive affirmations. Tell yourself that you are beautiful. Smile more often. Tell yourself that you are YOU! Celebrate your talents, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, struggles, curves, etc.

I look at myself in the mirror almost every day and I have never done this before. I think if I continue to do this that it will really help me in my judgement of myself.

7 ways to improve your self esteem


P.S… This is a mirror I got from my Grandpa when he passed away several years ago. He had it hanging in his home. It is one heavy mirror! I love the shape, style, and color! Makes me think of him every time I look into it. It also helps me remember who I am.

2. Relax NO time for relaxing? Just Breathe. Take deep cleansing breaths throughout the day will induce calmness and relieve stress. Inhale through the nose and exhale through your lips.

As a mom of 4 girls… I am constantly busy. I think sometimes it is just best to stop and take a step back and see the bigger picture. As I have started these simple steps I have noticed that I find myself holding my breath quite often. I need to take more deep breaths. Just breathe! I am sure you could take a class on deep breathe techniques or yoga or meditation could help but truly breathing better will help.

3. Get Support-Talk out your low self-esteem with friends, or others who have high self-esteem.  If we can open up ourselves and let the negative go and get support from others who love us, who think we are amazing,  who can lift us up, who speaks only positive thoughts about you,  you begin to feel better about yourself and who you are… your self-esteem can increase.

I had my first talk the other night with my husband about this topic. Now… my husband and I are in a healthy relationship and we love each other. He has been married to me for almost 16 years and also knows that from day 1 I have suffered with low self-esteem. We had an enjoyable talk. I told him how I felt. He listened and he shared this thoughts and ideas. You see when you suffer from low-esteem you just don’t “see” yourself right. You see yourself as lacking and unworthy.

Most importantly you feel like… how can somebody love me??

What is there to love about me??

Yes.. you just don’t “see” it.

But, just because we don’t see it, that doesn’t mean that others can’t see it, in fact most people see and compliment you quite often. Get support. Find friends who are positive and have a great confidence about themselves and their self-esteem will rub off. If you are willing to open up and get help you it means you are ready to make some positive changes in your life.

I am ready to make some positive changes in my life. I can learn certain behaviors and thoughts that will help me… love me. 

4. Take care of your body. Your body is simply amazing. Make sure you get plenty of water, rest, and exercise. Eat only clean healthy food. If we don’t take of our bodies it can lead to serious disease.

I have changed one simple thing this past couple of weeks. I have increased the amount of water that I drink. I was not drinking enough. I felt sluggish, depressed, unhappy, and could not believe the change in such a short amount of time. In two days time, I could feel better, and that was just by drinking more water. You will find it easier to love your whole self if you take care of your body.

5. Be Grateful.The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.” -William James

Celebrate life. Celebrate you. Give thanks to those around you. Give thanks to that God that created you. This reference to this book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, by Richard Carlson, he states that we spend way to much time on the little things. We can learn to let go of the things and be grateful for our lives.

Have you read this book?

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

and its all small stuff

by Richard Carlson. 
sweatCan you believe this book was printed in 1997??

Yet.. it is still is what we need today!

In my journey so far.. I know when I have a grateful attitude it changes who I am and the things I say and do. There is life to celebrate and be grateful for!

6. Do something for yourself.   Treat your “self” to something special. As women I feel we do give so much of our time, talents, energy, and effort to our spouses, our children, our jobs, others in an essence, but we never do anything for ourselves. Buy yourself something nice… flowers, manicures, pedicures, massages, a new purse, that pair of shoes that you have on that list of yours. Once you can put yourself at the top of the list and refocus on you and your likes and yourself, it increases your self-esteem. Oh… but you say you just can’t. It is not possible. It is possible and you must make it possible. Now… I know some of you may say money does not buy me happiness… well then don’t spend any money, but do something for yourself. If you can look at yourself and start putting yourself first, you change.


7. Unmask the Perfectionism. Who we are… is how we treat others. The kind of person I can be or become is how I love others. But… in order to love others we need too… not compare ourselves to them.

I right in the middle of reading this most amazing book called,

Bonds that make us Free

by C. Terry Warner


This book has changed me for the good. I am studying it and applying it teachings. It goes into much better detail of who we are, our purpose, and what we can do to change for the good. But… it teaches a concept about “the box” of self-deception. You must read this book. I must finish this book.

We are living in a tough time of comparison. We must not compare our lives to others. We must not compare ourselves to others.

I know that I am a perfectionist. I want to be like everybody else, and not myself. I want everything to be perfect. I am truly learning to let go of this. It will be a life long journey I am sure, but the other day I heard this on pinterest and loved it.

sunflower2(image  found here.)

We can and must love others and too start….. we must love ourselves.

In making this post… I have found that these 7 ways can and will improve your self-esteem. It is a journey that we must all go through at some point in our lives.

beyourself(image via pinterest)

My hope is to increase my self-esteem by these 7 ways!  May you increase yours as well!


Easy Buttermilk Substitute

Easy Buttermilk Substitute

buttermilk substitute

The other day I went to make a recipe and it called for Buttermilk. I usually buy a carton and it is stored in my refrigerator.

But …. I was completely out!

I also didn’t have time to run to the store. Plus it is somewhat expensive and it expires way before I can use it all. Okay… now I am  getting down off my soap box.

Anyways… I know this idea of a buttermilk substitute is not new. I also now that it doesn’t really compare to real buttermilk, but I wanted to try out the recipe for a buttermilk substitute and let me tell you… it was easy. It was good.


it didn’t taste any different in the recipe that I made!

I honestly have never tried making buttermilk before.  I was afraid too. I have this recipe for a great cookie salad and it requires buttermilk. My sister-in-law told me once she made it with buttermilk substitute and I questioned it. Did it really taste the same??

She said it did.

I didn’t believe her at the time.

Today… that belief has changed.

This easy buttermilk substitute is just as equal as the real thing.

Buttermilk is basically sour milk.


Here is the recipe…

Easy Buttermilk Substitute


  • White Vinegar
  • Milk
  • 1 Tbsp. white vinegar plus enough milk to make 1 cup.


  1. Directions:
  2. Pour 1 Tbsp. white vinegar into a 1 cup measuring cup. Add milk to the top. Let stand a few minutes.

It is really that easy??

Yes… it was.

Now I am really excited to start using this recipe more, to save money $$$$!


Have you ever tried making buttermilk before??

Give it a go.. its easy and it makes the perfect substitute, and it only requires two ingredients!


What recipes are your favorite that include buttermilk??

easy buttermilk substitute

Happy baking!