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Washington D. C. Day 2

Washington D. C. Day 2

Washington D. C. Day 2.

Arlington Cemetery and Lincoln Memorial was saved for the last day… and I am glad we did. Stepping into History and honoring those that have served our country best… made me honor them in my heart little bit more.


Our last day was spent in Washington D. C. We took the metro into town again… and our first stop was Arlington Cemetery.  The metro was an interesting system. The girls did pretty good, but as you can tell it moves rather quickly. It goes forwards and backwards and you have to know which color to get on too, and which direction it is moving. It really scared me at some points of when the girls got too close to where the metro was coming from. My fear was for them to fall right off onto the tracks… and then their would be nothing left of them. I am not sure if I would be okay, after that happened, but luckily it didn’t! I finally moved them way far away from the metro line… because I was too scared. On the metro… I felt fine and I felt the girls were safe. We did have one time where there were a lot of people, due to some water main breaking, but usually we rode it on off-peak times. My sister-in-law had been in to Washington D.C. before and was an excellent tour guide… but we did download an app of the metro lines so we knew when and where we were going. The last day we bought a day pass… because were going to be jumping several different lines that day.

Our first stop… Arlington Cemetery.



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Three days in July. These three famous days changed our nation forever. A battle that fought for our freedom. A historical site like no other. The Gettysburg Address {most famous speech ever given} by President Abraham Lincoln at the dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery is one we will never forget. 


We decided to make a change from our metro train ride into Washington D.C. and make a trip up to

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

It was a one hour drive for us, but the drive was absolutely beautiful!

Rolling Hills.

Farm land.

Fall foliage.

  It was a peaceful and nice drive.

Once we arrived we headed directly to the visitors center to start our “personal tour”.  You start at the visitors center, which by the way no backpacks are allowed.




gettysburg address


Once we went inside the visitors center we bought tickets for the film, A New Birth of Freedom narrated by Morgan Freeman, The Cyclorama painted by Paul Philippoteaux, which took him a year to complete and The Museum.

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Washington D. C.

Washington D. C.

I would highly recommend taking your kids to Washington D. C. when they are older… however this was a fun family fall break. 


My husband’s brother lives in Maryland. We got lucky enough to stay with them while were visiting back east. However, they were a good metro train ride away from Washington D.C. When I say a good train ride… it took us just about an hour to get into town. BUT…. that is the only way you can really visit D.C. The city is set up so differently. You can drive into the city, but there are few places to park. And the drive is in a bunch of traffic. Yes… we decided on the metro. It wasn’t really that bad, and the kids did do great.


Once we got into town… we decided to go to the Smithsonian first… which actually we hit up the National Museum of Natural History. It was pretty cool!


Doesn’t he look just like it??

As we walked in the doors… the first thing you see is a giant elephant. This picture does not do it justice…. it really is such a large elephant, in fact it is the largest elephant every prepared for a museum.

It was first put into the museum in 1959. Of course… it has gone through several renovations.


My daughter Bree really likes elephants… in fact she has collected several stuffed animal elephants.


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Homestead Farm

Homestead Farm

It has been a real long time since I have been to real apple picking farm. I grew up in Utah and had an apple orchard across the street, but since I have been in Arizona for the last 16 years… I haven’t been to a real orchard to pick apples. When my sister-in-law suggested we hit one up the first Saturday we were there… I couldn’t resist! When you first walk in… they remind you not to forget your wagon and basket. 


They give you your basket and you are free to go and “pick” as many as you would like…. of course you have to pay for all of them, so we tried to limit the girls to picking at least one or two. I knew we couldn’t get to many. farm-63

This particular farm had so many different kinds and I am not sure if it is usually like this… but we picked some real good ones!










Isn’t that just gorgeous??

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Annapolis Boat Show

Annapolis Boat Show


For fall break we flew back East to attend the Annapolis Boat Show. This was my first ever boat show. It was really fun! Basically… you have all different boat companies there with boats and you get to step aboard and check out their boats. We spent Sunday just walking around and looking at different boats. This was like stepping into another world. You have people who know all the nautical terms and then there is me. I knew nothing about sailing or boats but I knew my husband wanted a Catamaran. This was such an eye opening experience!

I learned several boats names….. Leopards, Lagoons, Fountaine Pajot, Privilege, and Royal Cape Catamarans.

I know that there are many others but these are the big ones {names of catamarans} that really stood out to me.

For me… Lagoon is an entertainment park in Utah.

I fell in love with all of the catamarans!

After walking around all day… looking at boats we went to dinner at a great restaurant…. called Federal House Bar & Grille. I loved this little restaurant! The food and environment were amazing!!! I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Annapolis!


The next day we also walked around and around. There are many tents and booths that sale you items that have to do with boating. I bought some polarized sunglasses, but mostly we just spent time talking about what it would take to cruise around the world.

Then on Wednesday we are blessed to have met and been invited to sail with the owners of the catamaran Adia. The owners just barely custom-built this boat… and we got to sail on it!!






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