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Be Kind Free Printable

Be Kind Free Printable

Be Kind Free Printable

be kind

Happy Friday Friends!

This past week I have been focusing on this principle with my girls… Be Kind.


They seem to get at each others throat quite often these days… and I am having to emphasize that they need to be kind. So.. I have issued them a kindness challenge. They wrote it down on a piece of paper and it is their goal to do something kind for someone this week.

It is now Friday and I need to follow-up with them to see how the challenge went. I am hoping that they noticed a difference. As a mom… I am hoping… Pleasseee Pleaassse …Be kind to each other.

be kind

And since it is Friday  (I usually in the past wink-wink) have a Friday Font Love for you… and it is your lucky day… I have such a cute free printable for you.

be kind

be kind

Here is your free printable…

be kind


To download just right-click on the photo above and save to your computer. Print and display. 

Be Kind Free Printable


be kind

 Here are the 5 free fonts for you…

5 Free Fonts

By Carrie Perrins

  1. thoughts of her.
  2. chipotle.
  3. Heavitas.
  4.  Photographs.
  5. Autumn Chant.

I am so loving these new fonts… and really can’t wait to use them often… especially the Heavitas and Photographs font.

And… do you know that I LOVE that you can download these fonts onto your iPhone. I am loving that!

Here is a quick tutorial… if you don’t know already!

How to download a font to your iPhone through Phonto:

  1. Download the Phonto app.
  2. Go to your browser and type in Dafont or any other free font site.
  3. Push the download button and a screen should pop up that says open in… or open in Phonto. Click on the Open in Phonto Button.
  4. Once in Phonto go to fonts and under my fonts you should see the downloaded new font.
  5. Thats it… you did it.


Phonto is by far my favorite app. You can do so much in that app. It is not just a text app.. but you can adjust your size of photo’s, create photo’s, and so much more.

YES… I LOVe this App!

STEP 1: Get the app



Get your free font from which font space site you desire.


be kind

STEP 3: Once onto their site simply choose a favorite font and push the download button in the right top corner.

STEP 4: Open the file in Phonto.



STEP 5: It should automatically take you into their site and have the font in your font folder. 


STEP 6: Create whatever your heart desires… with the new amazing free font. Simply add the text and save the image.

Six simple steps that are FREE! I love several other sites that have such great combinations… but usually they are not free… this is something that I could choose whatever font I LOVE and have it right on my phone!


be kind

Be kind Friends…

and feel free to share this…

Be Kind Free Printable.

Halloween Fonts

Halloween Fonts

Hello Halloween! I have gathered some really neat Halloween fonts for you! Have a great month! 


Happy October! I love this month so much! I love the colors of this month… black, whites, greens, oranges, purples. It truly is such a wonderful time of year! I love to decorate for Halloween. I love the witches, the candy { except now I will not be eating any of it}, I love the kids excitement, I love the chili cook offs, I love the changing of the colors, I love the cool crisp mornings, I love the white and orange pumpkins, I love the costumes, I love this month! This last month of September was by far my favorite so far! I loved decorating for fall. I was blessed. This month is going to be exhilarating too!

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Free New Fall Fonts

Free New Fall Fonts

fall fonts


With September upon us and the approach of the change of the seasons… I can’t help be in love with the colors and the leaves of this season. I have spent much time the last few days looking at fall pictures. I miss the fall! It is my favorite all-time season. Here in Arizona… we don’t have much of a fall, at least here in Phoenix. We have to drive north or at least a couple of hours away to see the fall leaves change color. I wish it happened right here in the valley… but it does not. Am I mistaken?

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Date Night Fonts

Date Night Fonts

Happy Friday!

datenightfontsFriday night is date night! I  love Friday’s. Being able to go out on a date with my man on the weekend is a great reward. Now that my children are older, we are able to get away almost every Friday night. We love to do a variety of things. I have been meaning to plan out some really amazing date nights… but usually it just ends up being dinner and a movie. Recently, we did a comedy club and we laughed so hard together. It was fun!

Reflecting back on the earlier years of our marriage, where we had little ones and no money, it was interesting to try to have date night. We couldn’t afford to go out, so I tried to come up with “free dates“.

This is totally possible. You don’t even have to leave your own home {if you choose} as long as you can be together without the kids.

A few of my ideas of creating a good date night at home is…

  1. create a different atmosphere.
  2. focus on him
  3. have fun

If you keep it simple, but yet turn your heart and soul to him , the date night will be successful. 

To celebrate date night …. and the fact that I needed some new cool fonts …. I have come up with some Date Night Fonts for you.

Here ya go!

Date Night Fonts

By Carrie Perrins

love is being together ….. Pea Katie Scarlett.

intimacy …. Adolphus Serif 

be adventurous …. The Bold Font

dinner and a movie …. Dragon is Coming 

no children …. Daydreamer

adult conversation …. Questa

keep it real …. Darleston 

What are you doing for date night??

10 Free May Fonts

10 Free May Fonts

I have accumulated some free fonts for you to celebrate the month of may! 

10 free may fonts


Happy first day of May!!

I haven’t put together a free fonts for you in a long time. I know…. I needed some new fonts to use as well. I compiled this list to help you celebrate those events in the month of May.

This month is also special for me because we celebrate the birthday of my handsome, amazing, lovable, intellectual husband!!

I am so glad he is my husband. I love him beyond infinity!

Anyways… I hope you enjoy and use these free amazing fonts.

Here are the free fonts for your personal use only….

1. Free May Fonts is…. Jambetica.

2. May Day is….. DJB Hand Penned Font.

3. May the forth be with you is…. Milk and Cereal.

4. Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day is…. Pea Virginia.

5. Happy Mother’s Day is….. Kaushan Script.

6. National Chocolate Chip day is…. Questrial.

7. Armed Forces Day is… Dream Orphanage Font.

8. Schools Out is….. Nebraska Font.

9. Flowers is…. Little Days Font.

10. Summer is here is….. Cafe Rojo.


I hope your month of May is spectacular! I am excited for a new month. I am excited to enjoy these holidays.

Yes… I had to put on their National Chocolate Chip Day. I love cookies!

Happy May!