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Nursery Rhythms

Nursery Rhythms


(not a nursery rhythm)

Yesterday… I posted on Instagram an amazing book called, “The Spider and the Fly” by Toni DiTerlizzi. We have been studying spiders in our homeschooling since Halloween is coming up… we read this story and then we did some crafting. This book was a great because of the illustrations.. oh my goodness! They are gorgeous. If you get this book…. please read the letter from the Spider at the end of the story. It is hilarious! tiniestpumpkin-23




We love this book!

“I always get my bug.”

After reading this book to Jayd I did some research on what to teach in homeschooling. As you can see I highly stress a reading curriculum. I love to read. I want to instill that into my children. The more you read the more you know!

I came across this blog…

She is a homeschool guru and gives much good information. I started listening to her podcasts and they are amazing! She is really giving me a clear understanding in how I would love to run my homeschooling.  One thing she shares is, The Morning Basket. It is time set aside as a family to memorize, teach, uplift, learn, and grow. What you teach totally depends on your situation. I highly recommend starting with #1 and listening to them. I can’t wait to listen too more.

As I was running last night I listened to #2. I loved it! I am going to re-listen to it again tonight! And write down the things that I really want to incorporate into my homeschooling. This was my view as I was running and listening… not to bad… not too bad at all!


Okay so… the other day we were playing Family Trivial Pursuit and there was a question about a nursery rhythm. I did not know it. Sing a song of six-pence. I had to look it up to read it for the first time. 


I decided to look up the Mother Goose Nursery Rhythms. I found this link in my research.

In Jayd’s homeschooling I have now decided to make sure she knows all of the Nursery Rhythms. The first one we have started with Itsy Bitsy Spider. We have started to sing the song. We found this adorable book by Keith Chapman, Itsy Bitsy Spider.

It’s a book about how the Itsy Bitsy spider is blown out the window and from animal to animal. itsybitsy

This book reinforces colors. It rhymes very nice too. I love how it comes back to the mom’s web!

Now… I am sure Jayd has heard this nursery rhyme from when she was a baby, but I am glad to teach it to her now and have her relearn it. Repetition is helpful in the learning process.

The next nursery rhyme that I found next on the previous link was,” I saw a ship a-sailing.” I hadn’t heard that one yet either!!! I decided it was a great one for the whole family to learn, since we will be heading off onto the boat next year!

I simply printed it off… (not pinterest worthy) but I wanted the girls to be able to draw the nursery rhythm onto the print. Here is a copy if you are interested in it…isawashipnr


I saw a ship a-sailing!

This is my  husband sailing away in the Florida Keys!

He is earning his sailing certification. We are so excited!




step 1. teach all the nursery rhythms to my children. Do you know them all??

step 2. learn how to spell rhythms without messing it up!


Have a lovely day!



In my Kitchen

In my Kitchen

On Monday I went grocery shopping and decided I wanted to do a little monday meal preparation. I took most of the morning and into the afternoon in my kitchen... and had a relaxing time cutting fruits and veggies. I got my fruits and vegetables at Sprouts this time… and they were delicious! Cutting and eating as I went.


I decided I wanted to try my hand at storing all my fruits and veggies in mason jars.

Have you tried this?

I haven’t tried it yet and cannot wait until the end of the week to see how they lasted.


You know how you start on one little project and it runs into the next… yea this was the one for me! I just wanted to have some fresh fruits and vegetables handy and cut up and prepared… which led to cleaning out the fridge… which led to cleaning the entire kitchen…which led to organizing some of my pantry.

One thing after another… but I loved it!

One trick my mother-in-law taught me… use shower caps to cover food. When I was at the grocery store the other day, I bought some new stackable ziplock Tupperware. They came in so handy for my organization and cleaning. The grapes were too big to use a Tupperware… a shower cap it is.


I am on day 2 now… I have to say it is pretty easy just grabbing a mason jar and setting it out on the table for breakfast and or dinner.


Already pre-cut and prepared… now were talking.

I am hoping they will last until the end of the week. It seems to run out quicker than I thought… we are almost out of strawberries and watermelon.

I went to bed feeling great about my day… about having the food somewhat prepared for the week… and most importantly having the kitchen clean!

Today… I made leftover beef enchiladas… and just pulled out the jar of cantaloupe and set it on the table…

honestly such a great idea…

not sure why I haven’t thought of it before!

Loving the fruit and veggies in mason jars!

Tonight… after dinner we did homework. I struggled with this little one concentrating. She did not want to do her homework. Last night she forget her homework folder and so she had even more work to complete tonight… but she did not want to do it.

She wanted to play with the bubble wand and balloons…like her sister.


We finally got homework done… and got her put to bed. Pink balloons and bubble wands will have to wait until tomorrow!

A lot of important daily occurrences happen in my kitchen…at my island and bar… and I am thankful for the time and memories that are created here. From cutting strawberries, to doing homework, to serving dinner, to creating this post.

I am thankful…

to be

in my kitchen.

Have a great night!



My Six Pictures

My Six Pictures


As you can tell.. I don’t blog as often as I would like. Yes.. I know life is busy, but I still love my blog and want to share my life with you. I have been thinking about this and decided to “keep it simple.”

I choose to just share 6 photos with you each day that would make me happy. It may make no sense to you, but I hope that you can get a glimpse into what really matters to me.

And so it begins…

My house was decorated for Easter but this jar was empty. My daughter Bree brought these pinwheels home from school and they added the perfect touch to my decor. Thanks Bree for thinking of me!


Having my family over for Easter was a fun and blessed day. Flowers to have sitting on my countertop brought beauty and happiness.


These cookies were made entirely by my 10 year old daughter, I mean I was in the kitchen but I was doing something else… and she got out all the ingredients, made the cookies, and baked them. YEA!! I want my girls to be homemakers! It is a great trait to have someday… I mean they need to be good wives, and whose husband does not like homemade cookies.


That is why they may look a little “bumpy”.  I made all my girls roll out about 6 cookies each and they choose which cookie they wanted, rolled out the dough, and made them. I helped them bake them. I had to somewhat force my thirteen year old out of her room and into the kitchen, but she did it. I hope she will someday thank me.


Sugar cookies are my favorite… this is the recipe that I used.

This picture was taken by my thirteen year old. For some odd reason.. in all of her photos she turns them sideways.


I made her take a “normal” one.




I was planning our Easter over this past week and I saw this adorable free printable from Ella Claire. I wanted to print it and had it on my “to-do” list. The very next day… my daughter Jane had colored this entire poster of pin the tail with cotton balls as the tail.

Needless to say.. we choose to hang this on our wall outside as we played and ate our Easter dinner. When my girls seem to bless my life and “help” me create the ideas and visions of how I want certain events… it is a true blessing. It develops their creativity as well. I love it!


I truly had a beautiful Easter weekend.

I hope that this simplicity… My Six Pictures… will be something that will keep my photography skills on the rise, my life in balance, and my dreams to blog a reality.

Have a great week!